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How much does a vector network analyzer cost?

How much does a vector network analyzer cost?

Vector Network Analyzers

PicoVNA 106 6 GHz Vector Network Analyzer (PQ111) Price: $6,535.00 PicoVNA 108 8.5GHz Vector Network Analyzer (PQ112) Price: $8,845.00
MegiQ VNA-0460 6GHz 2-port Vector Network Analyzer Price: $4,242.00 MegiQ VNA-0460e 6GHz 3-port Vector Network Analyze Price: $4,587.00

What does a vector network analyzer do?

A vector network analyzer is an instrument that measures the frequency response of a component or a network composed of many components, which can be both passive and active.

How accurate is NanoVNA?

The frequency range is from 50 kHz to 900 MHz, although you should note that above 300 MHz dynamic range performance is reduced. Over on YouTube several hams and radio enthusiasts have recently uploaded videos demonstrating and reviewing the NanoVNA. The overall consensus is that the unit is accurate and works well.

What can NanoVNA do?

The NanoVNA is a full function Vector Network Analyzer. It’s primary function is to measure antenna and cable parameters such as SWR, Cable Loss, Impedance, etc. as well as the tuning filters.

How does a NanoVNA work?

The nanoVNA provides a stimulus signal from port 1. The signal is transported with 50 ohm characteristic impedance coaxial cable to a device under test. The frequency range of the stimulus signal can be anywhere in the range from 10 kHz to 1500 MHz.

Can you use a VNA as a spectrum analyzer?

In some cases, a VNA receiver can be used for the purposes of simplified spectrum analysis, which might include detection of self-excitation, determination of signal power and harmonic level, or spectrum deviation from an expected reference spectrum, among other parameters.

What is the latest NanoVNA?

The V2 Plus4 is the latest NanoVNA design with 90dB dynamic range. It has a frequency range covering common cellular and Wi-Fi bands, as well as HF, VHF, and UHF amateur radio bands.

What is the difference between a NanoVNA H and NanoVNA F?

There is now also the “NanoVNA-F” version available which is a clone of the “NanoVNA-H” but with a larger 4.3″ screen, larger battery, range extended to 1 GHz, and firmware based on a RToS. It sells at a much higher price of US$110 – US$129.

What is a NanoVNA used for?

The NanoVNA is a small credit card sized VNA. It has a built in LCD screen that can be used to display graphs directly, or it can also be connected to a PC and the graphs viewed via the NanoVNA Windows software. When purchasing you can opt to include a small battery for portable operation for a few dollars extra.

Who makes the NanoVNA?

Shenzhen HKCNMA Co., Ltd.
Product information

Package Dimensions 4.61 x 3.9 x 1.34 inches
Item Weight 4.7 ounces
Manufacturer Shenzhen HKCNMA Co., Ltd.
Item model number NanoVNA2.8