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How many rounds are there in GlobalLogic?

How many rounds are there in GlobalLogic?

Recently, GlobalLogic visited our campus for full-time recruitment. There was an online round followed by 1 GD and 3 interview rounds(2 Tech + 1 HR). The first round comprised of 40 MCQuizzes questions and 3 programming questions to be solved in 2 hours.

Is GlobalLogic a product based company?

About Us – We are GlobalLogic India | GlobalLogic India. A digital product engineering company. We integrate experience design and complex engineering to help our clients imagine what’s possible and accelerate their transition into tomorrow’s digital businesses.

How many rounds of interview are there in globant?

2-3 rounds
Globant interview process usually has 2-3 rounds. The most common rounds in the Globant interview process are Technical, One-on-one Round and HR.

Is global logic a good company?

GlobalLogic is rated 4.0 out of 5, based on 2k reviews by employees on AmbitionBox. GlobalLogic is known for Job Security which is rated at the top and given a rating of 4.1. However, Career growth is rated the lowest at 3.5 and can be improved.

Why are you interested in working at globant?

At Globant, everyone who is eager to grow, learn something new and discover other possibilities has a vast number of opportunities available to explore. We encourage Globers to take ownership over their careers and build them according to each need. We have several programs designed especially for you.

What is globant talent experience?

The Globant Executive Leadership Program aims to train and develop disruptive leaders to become game-changers for the digital and cognitive revolution. Develop your experience through multiple dimensions to foster your leadership abilities.

What is the notice period in GlobalLogic?

– for retaining employees, they have increased notice period from 2months-3months for leads and managers, ironical is this that they want other people to join the company asap – no value for old employees, management never takes steps to stop anyone leaving the organization.

How long is Medtronic interview process?

3 to 4 months. Interview with local divisional manger and go up the ladder to the vice president of sales.

Are freshers eligible to apply for GlobalLogic technologies Hyderabad?

Any Graduate Freshers are eligible to apply for this job. More details regarding GlobalLogic Technologies Hyderabad Freshers Job Openings is given below. Interesting and challenging work in a large and dynamically developing company. Exciting projects involving newest technologies. Professional development opportunities.

What is it like to work at GlobalLogic?

Being a third party to top search engine. I have worked in the client location. The management of GlobalLogic is good. Was this review helpful? I had a five day week at the company. I had an experience of working well in the company, I was in evening shift and I was posted on client location, I worked for around thirteen months in the company.

What is your review of global logic Pvt Ltd?

Global logic pvt ltd is a nice organization with good work culture but no growth in suggestion is better to do here for few days and then move to other company with relevant skill set. Was this review helpful?

How many questions are there in the global logic exam?

If you are preparing for a job, follow this Global Logic recruitment process There were two rounds for the selection procedure. This is a combined test having 50 questions, in which 20 questions of mathematical aptitude 30 questions on C. The aptitude test was too easy but C questions were kinda tough. We have to solve this in 55 min.