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How do you search on Lexis terms and connectors?

How do you search on Lexis terms and connectors?

Use the w/sent connector to find documents with search words that appear within the same sentence, or within approximately 25 words of each other. Use the w/seg connector to find documents in which your search terms appear in the same segment (headline, body, etc.), or within approximately 100 words of each other.

What is a terms and connectors search?

What are terms and connectors? “Terms” refers to the words you use in your search, and “connectors” define the relationships between words or groups of words in a search statement. For example, typing /s between two search terms will search for those terms within the same sentence.

How do you do a terms and connectors search on Westlaw?

You can use parentheses to change the order in which Westlaw processes the connectors in your query. When you place terms and connectors within parenthesis, those connectors are processed first. For example, when parentheses are used in the query frisk! (search! /3 seiz!), search /3 seiz! is processed first.

What is the purpose of the OR connector in a search?

The OR connector is used to retrieve documents in a database that contain at least one of the specified terms. On Westlaw, a space between terms operates as an OR. You can use the actual word OR too.

How do I narrow a search on Lexis?

Click the Star in the applied filters area above your results list. Select Include “Narrow by” selections for to choose the current category only or all selections you made for all categories in the current search. Click Save in the Save as Favorite Filter box.

How do I do an advanced search on WestLaw?

The Advanced Searching option is available by clicking on Show Advanced Options on the searching screen of WestLaw. Click on the Connectors/Expanders link below the Search box to see a more complete listing of connectors.

What are Boolean terms and connectors?

Boolean search (also known as terms and connectors search) involves using a few specific words and symbols to tell the search engine specifically what you do and do not want it to return.

Is Lexisnexis easy to use?

This powerful, easy-to-use, Web-based service is tailored for the academic library and is currently available in virtually every academic research library at more than 2,000 colleges and universities across the United States.

What are Boolean connectors?

Boolean connectors / operators You can combine multiple search words together in search databases using connectors. Connectors can sometimes be referred to as Boolean connectors or Boolean operators. The most common Boolean connectors are: AND, OR, NOT.

What type of search engine is Lexisnexis?

LexisNexis is a corporation that sells data analytics products and various databases that are accessed through online portals, including portals for computer-assisted legal research (CALR), newspaper search, and consumer information….LexisNexis.

Type Subsidiary

How do I search for a specific case on Westlaw?

To retrieve a case by citation, type the citation, e.g., 127 sct 2162, in the Global Search bar and click Search. To retrieve multiple cases by citation, type up to 30 citations, separated by semicolons, in the Global Search bar and click Search.

What is the terms and connectors search method?

The Terms and Connectors search method allows you to enter a query that consists of key terms from your issue and connectors specifying the relationship between those terms. For example, you can specify that your terms appear in the same sentence (/s) or the same paragraphs (/p).

What is the Cheat Sheet?

This cheat sheet is a guide to using terms and connectors on Westlaw and Lexis to narrow or broaden your search. This is a five-minute screencast video by one of our reference librarians on how to conduct Boolean searches (Part 1).

How do I use the and connector in a search?

The AND connector requires everything linked by the AND to appear in the search results. These can be individual terms, or groups of synonyms linked by OR and grouped with parentheses, or even entire complex search strings. We need all of these term groups and phrases to be in our search results, so: (photocop!

How do I run a search with a proximity connector?

Run a search that includes a proximity connector (/5, /S, /P) or quotation marks 3. After a Googly search, narrow your results with Search within Results. 4. Click on Advancedto the right of the search bar. Connectors within parenthesesoperate first.