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How competitive is Georgetown Law?

How competitive is Georgetown Law?

By the end of the admissions cycle, Georgetown had 14,000 applicants, a 41% increase from the previous year. It was the largest applicant pool on record at any law school, outpacing the national 12.6% increase in law school applicants.

Is it easier to get into Georgetown Law part-time?

Part-time numbers are slightly less competitive, with a median LSAT of 165, a 25th percentile of 162, and a 75th percentile of 167. Georgetown’s GPA statistics are similarly impressive. For the full-time program, the median GPA is 3.67, with its 25th percentile and 75th percentile being 3.42 and 3.82 respectively.

What GPA do I need for Georgetown Law?

Does Georgetown Law require a minimum GPA and/or test score? No, we do not use numerical cutoffs and there is no minimum GPA or GMAT, GRE, or LSAT score required for admission.

What does Georgetown Law look for in applicants?

The Committee does not use numerical cutoffs, and focuses on the applicant’s personal statement, letter of recommendation, extracurricular and volunteer activities, graduate work, and professional experience in addition to test scores and academic record.

What makes Georgetown Law unique?

Today, the Law Center boasts the nation’s top-ranked clinical program, joint degree and advanced degree programs, world-renowned centers and institutes, an Office of Public Interest and Community Service, and a diverse curriculum rivaling that of any major law school.

Is Georgetown University a hard school?

It is definitely not a party school. The students take their education seriously and many work quite hard. But there is plenty of time and opportunity for a social life. I think it is for people who have fun in different ways than, say, a big frat party (there is no sanctioned Greek life there).

What is the ranking of Georgetown University Law School?

Georgetown is consistently ranked among the most prestigious law schools in the United States, occasionally shifting between 12th and 15th place, where it currently sits. Prominent alumni include 91 members of the United States Congress, federal and state judges, billionaires, diplomats, and a President of the United States.

What is the tuition for Georgetown Law School?

Tuition – $69,280 + Books – $1,300 + Room & Board – $22,865 + Personal Expenses – $3,150 + Transportation – $3,005 = Estimated Cost of Attendance – $99,600. PART-TIME JD. Tuition – $2,474/credit + Books – $930 + Room & Board – $22,865 + Personal Expenses – $3,150 + Transportation – $2,205

Is Georgetown University a private university?

Georgetown University is a private (not-for-profit), 4 or more years institute located in Washington, DC. It has a total enrollment of 19,371 including undergraduate and graduate schools and the students to faculty ratio is 11 to 1.