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Does Victoria Bitter taste good?

Does Victoria Bitter taste good?

Victoria Bitter has long been lots of my friends’ favourite beer. The great taste brewed to deliver full-bodied flavour especially when it is ice cold. And with no doubt that it will quench any hard earned thirst.

Is Victoria Bitter strong?

Despite its name, Victoria Bitter is a standard commercial lager rather than a bitter. Since late 2012, Victoria Bitter has been sold at a strength of 4.9% ABV after an interim period of producing the same product at an ABV of 4.6% (equal to virtually every other major Australian lager).

What does Victoria Bitter taste like?

UPDATED: JAN 28, 2022 Works very well above 32 degrees Celcius and one of the most neutrals brews in the world. Clear golden coloured with an very very faint bitter taste with very very faint hints of lemon. It isn’t really bad as it is simply almost odorless and tasteless.

Is Victoria Bitter popular?

It is of great credit to Carlton & United (CUB) that VB is now the top selling beer in Australia, accounting for a quarter of the total beer market and 60% of CUB’s output. It is the most popular beer in New South Wales, Northern Territory, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory.

What is the most Aussie beer?

The Most Popular Beers In Australia (2022)

  • ACT. 1 – Great Northern Super Crisp.
  • New South Wales. 1 – Corona.
  • Northern Territory. 1 – Great Northern Super Crisp.
  • Queensland. 1 – Felons Crisp Lager.
  • South Australia. 1 – Hahn Super Dry.
  • Tasmania. 1 – Cascade Lager.
  • Victoria. 1 – Carlton Draught.
  • Western Australia. 1 – Swan Draught.

Do they sell Victoria Bitter in the US?

I find Australia to be beautiful, and fascinating. I love the nature of Australia, and the humble history. Naturally, when I heard that VB was the most popular beer in what was essentially the “Wild West” version of Britain, my interest was peaked. However, as many of you would know, VB is not available in America.

Is Melbourne bitter good?

Classic bitter pride of Ringwood hop presence, but metallic flavour holds strong. Decent malt presence gives it a rounded sweetness. Slight graininess but honestly not a great deal going on.

Is Melbourne Bitter the same as VB?

Melbourne Bitter is often seen as Victoria Bitters younger cousin, well, at least outside of Victoria that is. In recent years in seems to have been more prominent outside of Victoria, but holds a lesser reputation to the more well known VB.

Is Melbourne Bitter good?

What happened to the John Meillon VB campaign?

A vital ingredient in the style, success and popularity of the VB campaign is the voice of the late John Meillon. Somehow only his raw, honest and passionate delivery can make the now famous words come to life. When Meillon sadly passed away 1989, the campaign was immediately taken off air.

Why is Victoria Bitter so popular?

Its success and popularity lie in its inherent honesty and integrity. Victoria Bitter has grown to become the biggest selling beer in Australia and the most valuable brand in the country.*

What happened to John Meillon’s voice?

When Meillon sadly passed away 1989, the campaign was immediately taken off air. However the Meillon family graciously and generously agreed to allow the use of John’s voice to continue, as it does to the present day. The VB campaign has become a continuing memorial to a wonderful Australian.

Did John Meillon have a wife?

With his rich baritone, Meillon was used extensively in voice-over work— most famously in his work as the Victoria Bitter narrator who says “you can get it any old how”. Meillon married Australian actress June Salter in 1958 and they had one son, John Meillon, Jr. Meillon and Salter were divorced in 1971.