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Do Nas and Eminem have a song together?

Do Nas and Eminem have a song together?

Fans have been reacting to Nas’ new collaboration with Eminem, ‘EPMD 2′. The track features on Nas’ new album ‘King’s Disease II’, which dropped this morning (August 6). You can listen to it below.

Who won the battle between Nas and Jay-Z?

Jay-Z Accepted His Loss To Nas During “Takeover” Vs. “Ether” Feud, According To Lenny S. Jay-Z Accepted His Loss To Nas During “Takeover” Vs. “Ether” Feud, According To Lenny S.

What did Nas say about Jay-Z?

Things between Nas and Jay-Z hit a boiling point in 2001. In the song, Nas made claims that Jay-Z is misogynistic, utilized homophobic slurs to demean him, and even implied that his entire flow was stolen from Biggie.

Are Jay-Z and Nas friends now?

Nas and JAY-Z have worked and partied together over the years, but true rap fans know they weren’t always as friendly as they are today. The New York rap legends were once embroiled in a rap feud that the “I Can” emcee says he was “honored” to have been a part of.

Why is Erick called E double?

The duo’s name is a concatenation of the members’ names “E” and “PMD” or an acronym for “Erick and Parrish Making Dollars”, referring to its members: emcees Erick Sermon (“E” a.k.a. E Double) and Parrish Smith (“PMD” a.k.a. Parrish Mic Doc).

Who did Jay-Z diss?

While Jay is recognized for his high-profile lyrics aimed at Nas, Prodigy, Cam’ron, 50 Cent, Jayo Felony, Lance “Un” Rivera, and others—Jay has made a massive impact by not even saying his target’s name—or in the case of Faizon Love, having some fun with it.

What’s the beef between Nas and Jay Z?

The beef between EMINEM and Nas. The conflict started when JAY Z had EMINEM as a feature guest on his album “The Blueprint” during the JAY Z vs NaS/ NaS vs JAY Z battle. They collaborated on the song “Renegade”and NaS tried to point out that EMINEM outshined JAY Z in his diss “Ether” when he said: “EMINEM murdered you on your own shit”.

What do Eminem and Jay-Z have in common?

THE two rappers Eminem and Jay-Z are both Grammy Award winning artists. Eminem, 49, and Jay-Z, 52, have been trending as of late when Jay-Z said that “no one” could compete against him in a Verzuz battle. Why are Eminem and Jay-Z trending? In total long-time rappers have collaborated a total of four times.

What did nas say about Jay-Z?

According to Nas, Jay is a fake hustler, a liar, a phony. Nas questions Jay-Z’s sexuality dubs him the “fake King of New York,” and mocks him for sampling his songs (“I count off when you sample my voice.”) Jay-Z couldn’t have wished for a better response. He knew Nas would take the bait.

What songs does NAS take shots at Jay-Z?

With Nas’ popularity slipping at the time, “Ether” restores him as a pivotal rap figure. Nas also throws shots at Jay-Z on other songs from Stillmatic, including “Got Ur Self A…,” “Destroy & Rebuild” (“Even Jigga want the crown, how that sound?