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Who is the most famous on YouTuber?

Who is the most famous on YouTuber?

Which YouTubers had the Most Subscribers Going into 2021

  1. PewDiePie – 102 Million Subscribers.
  2. Dude Perfect – 47 Million Subscribers.
  3. HolaSoyGerman – 40 Million Subscribers.
  4. Whindersson Nunes – 37.6 Million Subscribers.
  5. elrubiusOMG – 36.2 Million Subscribers.
  6. Kids Diana Show – 35.4 Million Subscribers.

Who has the most subscribers on YouTube 2021 list?

As of June 2021, one of the top ten most popular YouTube channels by number of subscribers were YouTubers primarily known for their work on the platform: PewDiePie.

Who is the top Youtuber 2022?

Who has most Subscribers on YouTube in 2022?

  1. PewDiePie. First on the list is Felix Kjellberg who has most subscribers on YouTube.
  2. HolaSoyGerman.
  3. Whinderssonnunes.
  4. Felipe Neto.
  5. Fernanfloo.
  6. ElrubiusOMG.
  7. Luisito Comunica.
  8. Luccas Neto – LUCCAS TOON.

Who are the most famous YouTubers on YouTube?

PewDiePie. Biography: He is a Swedish online comedian and video producer.

  • Logan Paul. Biography: The celebrity is known for his daily videos that he posts on his YouTube channel,Logan Paul Vlogs.
  • Jake Paul.
  • KSI.
  • Ricegum.
  • DAN TDM.
  • Lele Pons.
  • Reaction time (Tal Fishman) Biography: He is the owner of Reaction Time YouTube channel.
  • Who is the most popular person on YouTube?

    6.11M subscribers

  • Joined August 30,2012
  • Who is the most hated person on YouTube?

    Top 10 Most Hated YouTubers. I’m not saying I hate these YouTubers, but I’m just making a list of people who are hated for reasons. The Top Ten. 1 Jake Paul. He is a idiot, all he cares about is money and views and doesn’t care about his fans when they are the ones who got him where he is. He is worst than his brother Logan Paul, all his videos

    Who makes the most on YouTube?

    Earnings:$17 million

  • Views: 8.2 billion
  • Subscribers: 27.4 million. The only adult creating kids content on the list,the 32 year old launched his channel in 2014.