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Who is the main character in Samurai X?

Who is the main character in Samurai X?

Kenshin HimuraMakoto ShishioEnishi YukishiroKaoru KamiyaAoshi ShinomoriSojiro Seta
Rurouni Kenshin/Main characters

Who are the 10 swords Samurai X?

The Juppongatana (Ten Swords) is a group assembled by Shishio. Most of them are very powerful fighters. The reason Shishio gathered such a group is because he himself can only fight at full capacity for 15 minutes due to his burn wounds.

Who can beat Kenshin?

4 Shinomori Aoshi Aoshi has built his strength & trained well to defeat Kenshin and satisfy his greed to be the strongest. Along with his combative skills, Aoshi is blessed with acute senses through which he can analyze his opponent’s every move.

Who is Tomoe brother?

Yukishiro Enishi
Yukishiro Enishi ( 雪 ゆき 代 しろ 縁 えにし?) is the younger brother of the late Yukishiro Tomoe, and the main antagonist of the Jinchū Arc.

Is Samurai X based on a true story?

Rurouni Kenshin, also known sometimes as Samurai X, is a Japanese anime television series, based on the manga series of the same name created by Nobuhiro Watsuki. The series was produced by Studio Gallop (episodes 1–66), Studio Deen (episodes 67–95) and SPE Visual Works and directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi.

Who is the director of Samurai X?

Director: Keishi Ohtomo|Stars: Takeru Satoh, Emi Takei, Yû Aoi, Munetaka Aoki Votes:25,150 aka Samurai X

What is a samurai anime?

While samurai are part of the military caste, they are also much more than that. They have a unique code of honor unlike anything else seen in the country, or anywhere in the world for that matter. The following examples are some of the best samurai anime out there.

Is it time to update this list of samurai anime?

More samurai anime come out every year, so it seems time to update this list with some newer examples while also adding a few classics that got left out before. This highly stylized martial arts masterpiece is the brainchild of director Watanabe Shinichiro, who rose to prominence after the success of his previous sci-fi series Cowboy Bebop.