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Who is the cast of the Woody show?

Who is the cast of the Woody show?

WOODY SHOW- ALT 98.7. ALT 98.7 FM, L.A.”s New Alternative Station, announced today a three year contract extension for the station’s top rated morning program, “The Woody Show.” Cast members Woody, Ravey, Menace and Greg Gory will continue to host morning drive, Monday through Friday, through December 2018.

What is Woody from the woody show real name?

Vuthithorn Milintachinda

Woody Milintachinda
Born Vuthithorn Milintachinda 25 November 1976 Bangkok, Thailand
Other names Woody
Occupation Content creator, TV and online content host, executive producer, President of Woody World Co., Ltd., YouTuber
Spouse(s) Akkharaphol Chabchitrchaidol

What radio station is the woody show on?

The Woody Show ALT 98.7 FM.

Is the woody show Cancelled?

Fife and iHeart agreed to a long-term contract extension, one that keeps The Woody Show “solidly headquartered” at ALT 98.7 and in national syndication through iHeart-owned Premiere Networks until 2028. As “Woody,” Fife and his wake-up troupe arrived at KYSR in April 2014.

Who hosts the Woody show?

Jeff “Woody” Fife is the host of “The Woody Show.” The 25-year radio veteran came toALT 98.7 in April 2014 and has since redefined the morning show landscape in Los Angeles.

What happened to Woody from Woody and Rizzuto?

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) – Woody of 105.7 the Point’s “Woody and Rizz Morning Show” is going all L.A on us. The station announced Monday that he’s DJ’s are going to LA’s KYSR-FM to start a new morning show there.

Where is the woody show studio located?

Owned by iHeartMedia, Inc., KYSR is the flagship station of syndicated morning drive program The Woody Show. The KYSR studios are located in Burbank, while the station transmitter resides in the Santa Monica Mountains on Briarcrest Peak in Beverly Hills.

Where is Woody from the woody show from?

While in San Francisco, Woody joined real-life friends Ravey, Menace and Greg Gory on-air for what would become The Woody Show; an authentic, raw, unapologetic show that most describe as “recess/happy hour on the radio.” Join fun and listen to The Woody Show weekday mornings from 5am – 10am on KFOG!

When did the Rizzuto show start?

In 2014, the station launched “The Rizzuto Show” as their morning program. The show has won numerous awards and has earned strong ratings. The personalities are host Scott Rizzuto, Tony Patrico (not a member of CBC Hall of Fame), author Jeff Burton, musician Moon Valjean of Greek Fire/Goldfinger and King Scott.

Who owns the Woody show?

iHeartMedia, Inc.
KYSR (98.7 FM) is a commercial alternative rock radio station licensed to Los Angeles, California, serving the Greater Los Angeles area. Owned by iHeartMedia, Inc., KYSR is the flagship station of syndicated morning drive program The Woody Show.

What is rizzutos first name?

Vito Rizzuto
Nationality Italian/Arberësh
Other names “Montreal’s Teflon Don”
Citizenship Canadian
Occupation Crime boss

What happened to the Woody and Rizzuto show?

Where can I listen to Rizzuto?

105.7 The Point
You can catch The Rizz Show live on 105.7 The Point from 6A-10A Monday-Friday & #PODCAST anywhere!

What year did the Rizzuto show start?

What happened to Woody and Rizzuto?