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Which is better MINI R53 or R56?

Which is better MINI R53 or R56?

Both have its pros and cons, but the general consensus is that the R53 are better for trashing. R56 are better in terms of bang for the buck… but they tend do take the word bang to the letter… very often.

What year is MINI Cooper S R56?

The 2007-2013 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hatchback model number is “R56” and is the 2nd Generation model that replaced the gen1 hatchback models in 2007 with a completely new car from top to bottom.

What year is r53 Mini Cooper?

R53: “Mk I” Mini Cooper S (2001–2006) R55: “Mk II” Mini Clubman (2007–2014) R56: “Mk II” Mini Hatch/Hardtop range (2006–2013) R57: “Mk II” Mini Convertible (2009–)

What does R53 MINI mean?

MCS Coupe 2nd Gen
– R53: MCS Coupe. 2nd Gen MINI. – R55: Clubman. – R56: One/MC/MCS Coupe.

What does R53 Mini mean?

What year was the Mini Cooper S R53?

Built from 2001 and available from 2002 in North America, the R53-chassis Cooper S has aged surprisingly well.

What engine does the R53 have?


Cooper Cooper S Works GP
Engine 1598cc, in-line 4cyl 1598cc, in-line 4cyl, supercharged
Max power 113bhp @ 6000rpm 215bhp @ 7100rpm
Max torque 110lb ft @ 4500rpm 184lb ft @ 4600rpm
Weight 1050kg 1090kg

Can you remap a Mini Cooper S R53?

We can also provide a modified supercharger pulley and engine ECU remapping to increase the power of a R50 R52 or R53 Mini Cooper S. We are equally experienced in remapping the ECU on R55 & R56 Cooper S models to take full advantage of the turbocharged model.

Are Mini Cooper S going up in value?

Examples of the retro supermini registered between 2018 and 2021 have seen an average price increase of just over £4,000 at three years/30,000 miles. In percentage terms, the Cooper S is seeing a 32.2 per cent uplift. It means values have gone up by over £4,000 or 32 per cent since April 2021.

Which Cooper s to buy-R53 or R56?

I have owned an R53 Cooper S and now own an R56 (Clubman S). The R56 is a little more grown up but not as much fun as the R53.

Can a R50 engine run with a R53 engine?

In most street driving situations, an R50 can hang with a R53, but you’ll have to keep the engine in the upper end of the rev range. (for anyone who cares: the 02-06 base Coopers were code R50; the 07-13 base Coopers were the same code R56 as the Cooper S models – I have no idea why.

Should I buy a Peugeot R53 or R56?

The R53 I guess holds it’s value better, the R56 suits the lazy driver, not as inspiring, more torque due to turbo, but less urgent, softer ride, has a hideous giant speedo haha, but cosier all round, got better in the last few years, still an average Peugeot engine.

What is the difference between an R50 and An R56?

Yours is an R50. The first generation One/Cooper was the R50, Cooper S was the R53 (Works and GP variants included) and the convertible was the R52. When the second generation came about, the hatch (all variants) became the R56, R57 being the convertible, and R55 for the Clubman.