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What was the Xen crystal?

What was the Xen crystal?

Xen crystal are crystalline structures of exotic matter, originating on the Xen borderworld. Their strange properties were investigated and used by the scientists at Black Mesa in the research and development of teleportation technology.

Who gave Black Mesa the crystal?

Half-Life 2 and its Episodes In Episode Two, Eli Vance reveals that the crystal sample that triggered the Black Mesa incident was brought to them by the G-Man.

What happened to Black Mesa East?

Due to hallways being blocked off by rubble and collapsed ceilings, Gordon Freeman is forced to go through Ravenholm on his way to the Coast, as it is the only remaining exit from the facility. After this, Black Mesa East is not seen again for the rest of the game.

Why did G man Nuke Black Mesa?

The G-Man set up the Resonance Cascade deliberately to “bring” the Combine to Earth, but nuked Black Mesa to deny them Earth’s most valuable scientific achievement – the teleporation tech that the Combine, themselves, cannot produce.

Does hl2 take place in Russia?

Half-Life 2 didn’t just give us an original setting; it introduced many in the West to a whole new style of landscape, geography, and architecture. City 17 may have been fictional, but the influences were plain to see. Set somewhere in Eastern Europe, the metropolis drew clearly from real post-Soviet spaces.

How tall is the Citadel HL2?

8,430 feet
Various calculations ensued, and in 2012 it was ultimately determined that the Citadel is 2,569 meters (8,430 feet) high. That’s a little over a mile-and-a-half. Extremely tall!

Is Krystal in Half-Life 2?

The mod replaces Half-Life 2 ’s Alyx Vance model with a fan-made model of Krystal. Gagnetar posted a video showing an early version of the mod along with commentary and Ellis’ British accent rings through the corridors and blends perfectly into the game.

Was Half-Life 2 originally meant to have a longer teleportation sequence?

As heard in the dialogue files found in the playable Half-Life 2 Beta sound files, the teleportation sequence at the start of Half-Life 2 was originally to be much different and much longer.

What happened to Eli’s lab in the end?

Eli’s lab was finally transformed into a real underground building, the scrapyard being kept only for playing fetch with Dog and the Gravity Gun (although a small scrapyard must be crossed to deactivate the Autogun in Episode Two ). Then Eli Maxwell was merged with Captain Vance to become the Eli Vance of the final version.