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What is the yearly average rainfall for Georgia?

What is the yearly average rainfall for Georgia?

Annual precipitation in Georgia ranges from 400 to 4,500 mm. Due to its location at a relatively low latitude and moderate cloudiness, Georgia receives significant heat from the sun. The average annual duration of bright sunshine ranges from 1,350 to 2,520 hours.

How many inches of rain did Atlanta get?

Atlanta, Georgia gets 52 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year. Atlanta averages 1 inches of snow per year. The US average is 28 inches of snow per year.

Which area of Georgia receives the most rainfall annually?

On average, annual rainfall increases with elevation, with the greatest amounts (more than sixty inches per year) falling on the southern Appalachian Mountains in north Georgia—specifically the Blue Ridge region—and forming a temperate rainforest.

What state gets the most rain?

Hawaii overall is the rainiest state in the US, with a state-wide average of 63.7 inches (1618 millimetres) of rain a year. But few places in Hawaii fit the state’s average. Many weather stations on the islands record less than 20 inches (508 mm) of rainfall a year while others receive well over 100 inches (2540 mm).

Is Georgia still in a drought?

There is currently no drought level response declared for the metro Atlanta region or the state of Georgia.

What is the rainiest month in Georgia?

Average monthly rainy days in Atlanta (Georgia)

  • On average, July is the most rainy with 11 days of rain/snow.
  • On average, October is the driest month with 7 rainy days.
  • The average annual amount of rainy days is: 113.

What city in Georgia has the best year round weather?

So, if you decide to take a trip, there is one city with weather that will make you not want to go back home. The city with the best weather in Georgia is Milledgeville. You can expect the weather to be over 49 degrees in the winter and above 70 degrees in the summer. Georgia has a humid subtropical climate.

Which state has the most rainy days per year?

Rochester, New York, had an average of about 167 days per year with precipitation. The sunniest city in the U.S. was Phoenix, Arizona, with an average of 85 percent of sunshine per day….

Characteristic Average number of rainy days per year
Detroit, Michigan 135

Is Georgia in a drought 2021?

What is the least humid city in Georgia?

Georgia Average Humidity City Rank

Rank Average Humidity ▼ City / Population
1. 86.09% Country Club Estates, GA / 9,091
2. 86.06% Jekyll Island, GA
3. 85.92% Brunswick, GA / 15,648
4. 85.74% Saint Simons, GA / 12,807