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What is the biggest concrete pump truck?

What is the biggest concrete pump truck?

With a 70 m vertical reach, Putzmeister’s M 70-5 is the biggest truck-mounted concrete placing boom in the world.

How far can a concrete boom pump reach?

The vertical reach of a typical boom pump is 41.9 metres (137 feet). And the horizontal reach is 38 metres (124.7 feet). However, longer booms can reach more than 200 feet.

How much is a pump truck?

Prices for Buying a New Septic Pumper Truck Depending on the model, brand, equipment age, and tank size, a new septic pumper truck can range anywhere from $50,000 – $225,000.

What is the largest concrete pump?

Zoomlion has unveiled its innovative new truck-mounted concrete pump, which features a 101m boom. This innovative 101m unit is now a world record holder as the longest truck-mounted concrete boom pump.

What is the capacity of a concrete truck?

Concrete trucks weigh an average of 25,000 lbs. by themselves and up to 40,000 lbs. when carrying a full load. Their capacity is around 8 cubic yards, but can be up to 10 cubic yards if fully-loaded.

How far can a 47 meter pump truck reach?

Boom Specifications

Vertical Reach 46.5 m (152’7”)
Reach from Front -Cabover 39.5 m (129’7″)
Unfolding Height 10 m (32’10”)
1st Section Length 9.3 m (30’6”)
2nd Section Length 7.8 m (25’7”)

How far can pump trucks reach?

How far can a pump truck reach? Line pumps can reach almost 500 ft. The boom on a boom pump can generally reach around 235 feet.

How far can a pump truck reach?

Ground line hydraulic pumps can shift concrete at 1m³ each minute and can extend to a distance of around 150 meters, in order to reach the pour site. This makes concrete pouring in awkward areas simple, as the pipes and hoses can go up, over and around obstacles.

What is a concrete line pump?

A concrete line pump is a long hose attached to a stationary pump mounted on a trailer. This hose allows you to more easily direct the concrete pour and is great for horizontal pumping, as you can extend the hose virtually as long as you need it.

How many square feet does a concrete truck cover?

4-inches thick – covers 81 square feet. 5-inches thick – covers 65 square feet. 6-inches thick – covers 54 square feet.

How fast can a concrete pump truck pump?

30 to 100 cubic meters an hour
How fast does a pump truck pump concrete? Some pumps can pump concrete at a rate of 30 to 100 cubic meters an hour. That’s much faster than carting it around by hand!

How far will a 38 meter pump reach?

Boom Specifications

Vertical Reach 37.5 m (123′)
Horizontal Reach 33.5 m (109’11”)
Reach from Front 30.5 m (100’1″)
Unfolding Height 7.3 m (23’11”)
1st Section Length 7.8 m (25’7″)

How far can you pump shotcrete?

In difficult-to-access locations, a shotcrete nozzleman can place concrete thousands of feet (1000 ft = 300 m) away from the material source, and is limited only by the amount of available air required to move the material for dry-mix applica- tions and the pump selection in wet-mix applications.

What is the difference between a boom pump and a line pump?

A boom pump is a truck-mounted pump that is ideal for pouring large amounts of concrete quickly and pouring concrete at height. A line pump is a more compact stationary pump mounted to a trailer that is easier to maneuver around a job site and is ideal for horizontal pumping.

What is a boom pump truck used for?

Used Boom Pump Truck Sales. Boom pumps are truck-mounted concrete pumps with multi-section folding booms that can reach more than 100-meters. They pump concrete at a controlled rate, precisely where it is needed in areas inaccessible to concrete trucks and thereby drastically reduce the cost of labor and speed up construction.

What are the different types of booms on concrete pump trucks?

The two kinds of booms on concrete pump trucks: 1 Roll-and-fold boom pumps provide control and convenience on site. The versatility of their four-section booms… 2 Z-Booms are perfect for all boom pump applications, Z-Booms are especially suited for jobs where height restrictions… More

How do you hire a concrete boom pump truck?

If you need a concrete boom pump truck for a concrete placement, there are many concrete pumping contractors you can hire to pump the concrete for you. Check with your local concrete supply store for business cards or search online. Most concrete pump operators charge a flat fee for the first 4 hours, then charge by the hour after 4 hours.

How many pump trucks does Cemstone have?

With a fleet of 10 different sized standard pump trucks to choose from and industry-leading ready-mix concrete in- house, you start and stop with Cemstone. Our concrete boom pump trucks range from 17 meter to 61 meter, all offering the vertical and horizontal reach flexibility you need to place in even the most challenging of areas.