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What is a Treasury Board policy?

What is a Treasury Board policy?

Treasury Board policies aim to ensure that government resources are effectively managed, while demonstrating care and good judgement, and to manage significant risks to the operations of government.

What is classification EC?

The classification standard for the Economics and Social Science Services (EC) Group is a point rating plan consisting of an introduction, the definition of the occupational group, the rating elements in the job evaluation plan, the rating scale, and the level point boundaries.

What is the purpose of a Treasury Board submission?

A Treasury Board submission is an official document that is used to seek specific authorities or approvals from the Treasury Board to help implement a new program or a project in the Government of Canada.

What are policies in government?

Policy is a law, regulation, procedure, administrative action, incentive, or voluntary practice of governments and other institutions. Policy decisions are frequently reflected in resource allocations.

What classification is pm1?

The PM classification is for program administration; most often these are employees who deliver some form of program to the public. The “01” is the lowest level within the classification (other than a rarely-used developmental level), so PM-01 employees are usually entry-level program officers.

How do you write a TB submission?

General tips on drafting TB submissions are as follows:

  1. Use plain language:
  2. All materials submitted for Treasury Board approval must be presented in both official languages.
  3. Avoid “selling” the initiative.
  4. Use the active voice rather than passive voice, as appropriate.

What is the departmental results framework?

The Departmental Results Framework (DRF) is the strategic view of Defence’s mandate, displaying its Core Responsibilities and key performance information. It represents the corporate framework used to demonstrate plans, achievements, expenditures and performance results.

What is a policy brief?

A policy brief is a concise summary of a particular issue, the policy options to deal with it, and some recommendations on the best option. It is aimed at government policymakers and others who are interested in formulating or influencing policy. Policy briefs can take different formats.

What should CLP labels include?

The Elements of CLP Compliant Label (GHS Label)

  • the name, address and telephone number of the supplier/s of the substance or mixture;
  • the nominal quantity of the substance or mixture in the packages ;
  • product identifiers;
  • hazard pictograms;
  • signal word;
  • hazard statements;
  • appropriate precautionary statements; and.

What is GCpedia?

GCpedia is an essential knowledge sharing tool, designed to facilitate collaboration, co-creation of information and providing access to subject matter experts across all of government.

What is departmental framework?

The Departmental Results Framework consists of a department’s Core Responsibilities, Departmental Results and Departmental Results Indicators. The Program Inventory identifies the programs that contribute to the department’s Core Responsibilities and Results.

What is a departmental report?

A department status report provides an account of the accomplishments of the unit or department in a given reporting period. It presents an overview of the financial details, production status, and other matters, as well as challenges, successes, and best practices.

What are the two classification of policy?

General Policies: General Policies are for middle-level management, as they are related to the company’s day to day operations and dealings. Departmental Policies: Departmental policies are specific in nature as they are framed for the particular department only.

Are your classification policy instruments out of date?

Classification in the core public administration directly affects 185,000 employees in 86 departments and agencies and translates into an annual wage bill of approximately $14B. As you know, the existing classification policy instruments are out of date. They do not enable efficient and effective classification program management or practices.

What is the Treasury Board Secretariat accreditation?

The Treasury Board Secretariat accreditation will be portable across the core public administration. An organization and classification component has been added to the mandatory training provided by the School to all core public administration managers. Various learning components, such as the on-line modules, are still being finalised.

What is the Financial Stability Board’s Compendium of standards?

The Financial Stability Board’s Compendium of Standards provides an list of key standards that are important to maintaining sound financial systems.

What is the purpose of the new classification policy?

It aims to improve how departments and agencies manage their day to day human resources operations by creating a foundation for sound classification decision-making through increased competency, oversight and, ultimately, it contributes to better management of the wage bill. The new policy suite includes the: Directive on Classification Grievances.