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What does the acronym FSR stand for?

What does the acronym FSR stand for?


Acronym Definition
FSR Financial Service Representative
FSR Fox Sports Radio
FSR Forward Scatter Radar
FSR File Select Register

What does FSR mean in sneakers?

1. FSR. Full – Size Run. Nike, Sneaker, Release. Nike, Sneaker, Release.

What does AAF stand for Air Force?


Acronym Definition
AAF Army Air Forces
AAF American Advertising Federation
AAF Alliance of American Football (est. 2019)
AAF Answering a Fundamentalist (Albert J. Nevins book)

What does FSR stand for specialized?

FSR is the name of a suspension design from Specialized. According to a FAQ, it originally stood for “Future Shock Rear”. The Specialized website contains an FSR Suspension page with marketing information about the system.

What does FSR mean in gaming?

Games on PC generally offer three different types of display modes: Fullscreen Exclusive (FSE), Windowed, and Borderless Windowed. Fullscreen Exclusive mode gives your game complete ownership of the display and allocation of resources of your graphics card.

What does VNDS mean?

VNDS: ‘Very Near Deadstock’ –– a sneaker that has been tried on or worn very briefly yet still passes as deadstock. Sneakerhead Terminology: Sneaker Anatomy.

What does DTK mean in texting?


Acronym Definition
DTK Dying to Know
DTK Dressed to Kill
DTK Down to Kiss
DTK Desired Track

What does FSR stand for MTB?

According to Mountain Bike Rider, In case you were wondering what the ‘FSR’ acronym means, technically it means ‘Front Suspension and Rear [suspension]’. This is historical acronym that dates back to when suspension forks came out (Stumpjumpers with sus forks were dubbed ‘FS’).

What does FSR stand for in construction?

Floor space ratio
Floor space ratio (FSR) • The figure obtained when the area of the floors of the. buildings on a site is divided by the area of the site (Section. 2 Definitions) • Typically there is a base permitted FSR that can be.

What does FSR stand for?

FSR, it’s not just another military acronym. U.S. Air Force Airmen, assigned to the South Carolina Air National Guard’s 169th Fighter Wing, participate in an exercise that measures the ability to survive and operate in chemical warfare equipment at McEntire Joint National Guard Base, S.C., Feb. 3, 2018.

What are some of the funniest military abbreviations?

10 Unintentionally Hilarious Military Acronyms 1. PMS. Every Professor of Military Science is used to the giggles because every new set of students is equally immature. 2. MANPADS. While we’re on the subject of bodily functions, anyone who’s carrying a Man-Portable Air-Defense System… 3. MANCOC. A

What does full spectrum readiness mean for the Air Force?

“Full Spectrum Readiness is a way of addressing and refocusing the Air Force for all of the advanced capabilities and to make sure we’re ready for that and that we’ll be able to fight in a contested environment,” said Col. Nicholas Gentile, Jr., the wing commander of the 169th Fighter Wing.

What does FFFSR stand for?

FSR Federal Sentencing Reporter (journal) Financial Services Regulation (various locations) Field Service Representative Financial Services Reform (Australia) Forest Service Road Feasibility Study Report Fonds de Sécurité Routière (French: Road Safety Fund; Switzerland) Field Service Regulation (military)