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What does shall ensure mean?

What does shall ensure mean?

: to make sure, certain, or safe : guarantee.

What do you mean by assured?

1 : characterized by certainty or security : guaranteed an assured market an assured place in history Success is by no means assured. She is assured of (having/getting) a job when she graduates. [=she is certain to have/get a job] 2a : very confident : self-assured proceeded with an assured attitude. b : self-satisfied.

What is the synonym of Ensure?

Some common synonyms of ensure are assure, insure, and secure. While all these words mean “to make a thing or person sure,” ensure, insure, and assure are interchangeable in many contexts where they indicate the making certain or inevitable of an outcome, but ensure may imply a virtual guarantee.

Is ensure a legal term?

Ensure means to make sure, certain, or safe. Example of a Statute in California using the word ensure.

What is the opposite of Insure?

Opposite of to protect or cover against loss or damage. endanger. uncover.

What is the synonym of assured?

Some common synonyms of assure are ensure, insure, and secure. While all these words mean “to make a thing or person sure,” assure distinctively implies the removal of doubt and suspense from a person’s mind. I assure you that no harm will be done.

What is the difference between ensure and insure?

The alternative minimum tax (AMT) was created to close loopholes and ensure that all U.S. taxpayers pay their fair share of taxes. When you pay an AMT, some or all of that additional tax is for

When to use ‘insure’ or ‘ensure’ in a sentence?

Goldsmith has repaired the roof to ensure the house is wind-proof.

  • I will ensure that the car arrives by six o’clock.
  • Ensure all photographic material is properly packed and sent by recorded delivery.
  • Can insure and ensure be used interchangeably?

    Insure and ensure can be used interchangeably to mean “make certain.” In the United States, however, the spelling insure is generally preferred to ensure, and only insure can be used to mean “indemnify against loss.”

    How to use “assure” in a sentence?

    (1) I can certainly assure you I’m looking after number one all right.

  • (2) I assure you my actions will correspond with my words.
  • (3) He hastened to assure me that there was nothing traumatic to report.
  • (4) She’s perfectly safe,I can assure you.
  • (5) I can assure you of the reliability of this.
  • (6) I assure you they’ll be perfectly safe with us.