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What are you saying in Kikuyu?

What are you saying in Kikuyu?

Useful phrases in Kikuyu

Phrase Gĩkũyũ (Kikuyu)
Hello (General greeting) wĩmwega
Hello (on phone) wĩmwega
How are you? ũhana atĩa?
Reply to ‘How are you?’ ndĩmwega

How do you say goodnight in Kikuyu?

A collection of useful phrases in Kikuyu (Gĩkũyũ), a Bantu language spoken mainly in the Central Province of Kenya….Useful phrases in Kikuyu.

Phrase Gĩkũyũ (Kikuyu)
Good morning (Morning greeting) ngeithi cia rũcinĩ
Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting) ngeithi cia mũthenya
Good evening (Evening greeting) ngeithi cia hwainĩ
Good night koma wega

Can you speak Kikuyu?

Kikuyu or Gikuyu (Gikuyu: Gĩkũyũ [ɣēkōjó]) is a Bantu language spoken by the Gĩkũyũ (Agĩkũyũ) of Kenya. Kikuyu is spoken in the area between Nyeri and Nairobi. The Kikuyu people usually identify their lands by the surrounding mountain ranges in Central Kenya which they call Kĩrĩnyaga….Kikuyu language.

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What is Igati?

i’m glad to meet you all.

What does sotta mean?

sotta. pronunciation. meaning. Release; set free; make free; let go. etymology.

What is the meaning of Sasa Mrembo?

you are beautiful. Last Update: 2021-04-15.

What makes a Kikuyu marriage?

A man first proposes to a lady and after she agrees to be married, a series of events follow. The groom approaches his parents/guardians and informs them of his intention of marrying. The parents then enquire about the lady’s background, e.g. clan from which she comes from, her community etc.

How do Kikuyu call their God?

Ngai (other names: Múrungu or Enkai ) is the monolithic Supreme God in the spirituality of the Kikuyu (or Gikuyu) and the closely related Embu, Meru and Kamba groups of Kenya, and the Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania. Ngai is creator of the universe and all in it.

Is Kikuyus a Bantu?

Kikuyu, also called Gikuyu or Agikuyu, Bantu-speaking people who live in the highland area of south-central Kenya, near Mount Kenya. In the late 20th century the Kikuyu numbered more than 4,400,000 and formed the largest ethnic group in Kenya, approximately 20 percent of the total population.

What does Zayde mean?

zayde (plural zaydes) (Jewish) grandfather quotations ▼ (Jewish) elderly man (as a term of respect) quotations ▼

What does Mahaba mean?

Mahaba means the noun ‘love’, and its derivative mapenzi is also a popular name for baby girls. Mahaba is derived from the Arabic word for love, haba. By appending the ma- at the beginning, the word can be adapted to mean “’overflowing with love’.

What kind of houses do Kikuyu live in?

The Kikuyu tribe live in large round hut-like houses referred to as ‘nyumba’, having only one entrance. In Kikuyu, each family lives together in what is commonly known as a homestead. Men and women live in different houses, and two married women cannot inhabit one house.

What is the Kikuyu language and music?

The Kikuyu Language and Music. The Kikuyu people speak their mother tongue, the Kikuyu language which they have a great love for. Although Kenya has two national languages; English and Kiswahili (same as Swahili), Kikuyu is considered to be the third due to its popularity all over the country.

Why are Kikuyus called the Jews of Kenya?

They also, joke Kikuyus, account for the biggest share of the country’s criminals and prison inmates. They hail themselves as “the Jews of Kenya,” envied and hated in equal measure for that entrepreneurial zeal. But there’s a difference: Europe’s Jews never combined economic influence with political power.

Why are the Kikuyu so hungry?

Land scarcity is the leitmotif of the Kikuyu, the historic source of their anguish and the motivating force behind their success story. Accounting for around 22 percent of Kenya’s population of 38 million, the Kikuyu’s mark on the East African nation has been far greater than the figures imply, thanks to that driving hunger.