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Is Two Jakes a sequel to Chinatown?

Is Two Jakes a sequel to Chinatown?

The sequel to Chinatown (1974) finds J.J. “Jake” Gittes investigating adultery and murder, and the money that comes from oil. The sequel to Chinatown (1974) finds J.J. “Jake” Gittes investigating adultery and murder, and the money that comes from oil.

Where was The Two Jakes filmed?

Perhaps the most memorable Hollywood encounter was with Jack Nicholson, who stayed at Bella Maggiore Inn for about a month in 1989 while filming parts of “The Two Jakes,” the sequel to “Chinatown,” at City Hall.

Was Chinatown based on a true story?

The film is inspired by real events It’s a dramatization of the water wars that took over Los Angeles at one point. The character of Hollis Mulwray is reportedly based on William Mulholland, who was the superintendent and chief engineer of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

Who wrote The Two Jakes?

Robert TowneThe Two Jakes / ScreenplayRobert Towne is an American screenwriter, producer, director and actor. He started with writing films for Roger Corman including The Tomb of Ligeia. Later, he became a well-known figure of the New Hollywood wave of filmmaking. Wikipedia

Is the movie The Two Jakes on Netflix?

Watch The Two Jakes on Netflix Today!

Is The Two Jakes worth watching?

The Two Jakes is the best Chinatown sequel anyone could reasonably expect, and it’s very much worth a look. Of course it’s no “Chinatown,” but it is satisfyingly moody and atmospheric. In short, The Two Jakes, combining the best of the old and the best of the new, is one helluva good movie.

Where was the movie Chinatown shot?

This must-see film is regarded as one of the greatest films of all time. Chinatown was filmed in Koreatown; Spring Street, Chinatown, Crescent Bay, and Channel Islands, California.

Did Jack Nicholson break his nose in Chinatown?

The scene where Roman Polanski slits Jack Nicholson’s nose was extremely complex to film, and the two men involved got so tired of explaining how it was done (by using a specially-constructed knife with a short hinge that would be safe as long as it was handled VERY carefully) that they began to claim Nicholson’s nose …

Is The Two Jakes a good movie?

Five years in the making at a very high cost in both dollars and friendships, the sequel to 1974s classic Chinatown, The Two Jakes is not as good as its illustrious forebear. It is, however, a far richer film than 19 out of 20 Hollywood pictures which arrive on these shores with a full fanfare of trumpet.

What Is The Two Jakes about?

Private investigator and war veteran Jake Gittes (Jack Nicholson) is hired by real estate developer Jake Berman (Harvey Keitel) for some run-of-the-mill matrimonial work. After Berman shoots his wife’s lover, who happens to be his own business partner, Gittes is drawn into a web of conspiracy and deceit involving the oil reserves beneath Los Angeles. While investigating, Gittes hears a voice from his past that causes him to revisit a traumatic case in Chinatown.The Two Jakes / Film synopsis

What restaurant is in Chinatown movie?

The Derby is long-gone – the classic, deep red interior seen in the film is one-time European restaurant, the Windsor, now Korean restaurant (but, thankfully, unchanged) The Prince, 3198 West Seventh Street at South Catalina Street, Koreatown.

What does the last line in Chinatown mean?

I believe the last line Jake says under his breath in Chinatown is “as little as possible.” It refers to his time as a cop in Chinatown when he was told to do “as little as possible” because cops in Chinatown were on the take and looked the other way as part of the deal.

Did Roman Polanski cut Jack Nicholson nose?

Who owns the California Aqueduct?

The Department of Water Resources (DWR)
The Department of Water Resources (DWR) operates and maintains the California Aqueduct, including one pumped-storage hydroelectric plant, Gianelli Power Plant.

Is Jake Gittes in Chinatown 2?

Jack Nicholson returns as private eye Jake Gittes in this atmospheric Chinatown follow-up that’s hit upon “the elusive sequel formula for somehow enhancing a great original” (Mike Clark, USA Today). Much has changed since we last saw Jake.

Who plays Jake Gittes in the Two Jakes?

Jack Nicholson returns as private eye Jake Gittes in this atmospheric Chinatown follow-up that’s hit upon Watch The Two Jakes | Prime Video Skip to main content .us Prime Video

What does Jake Gittes discover at the barber shop?

which Gittes discovered at the barber. Through the barber’s window, a car overheats during LA’s hot summer. Jake also becomes hot-headed when he must defend his sleazy profession to another shop customer who is employed by the First National Bank Mortgage Department.

Who is Jake Gittes in the hate you give?

After the war, L.A. private eye Jake Gittes is hired by realtor Jake Berman. He proves the infidelity of Berman’s wife Kitty and sets up a way for her to be caught in the act.