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Is Triumph Street Triple Rs worth buying?

Is Triumph Street Triple Rs worth buying?

Definitely. Bit expensive but worth every money. The best part is that it comes with adjustable suspension for both preload and compression. It can be tweaked for day to day use.

Is a Triumph Street Triple A good first bike?

But, if you’ve taken the course and ridden a few bikes since, the 675cc Triumph Street Triple R makes a fine first motorcycle. It can handle commuting duty and weekend fun with aplomb. And if you need ABS, it became standard on the 2013 model, Cycle World reports. Happy riding, and stay safe.

How much does a Triumph Street Triple Rs cost?


Feature Details
Price From $12,995.00

What is the difference between Street Triple R and RS?

The only difference is the subtle livery and an engine cowl on the RS. In terms of features, the top-spec Street Triple RS gets a premium-looking colour TFT instrument console while the Street Triple R continues to use a semi-digital unit from the previous model.

Is the Triumph Street Triple A good bike?

Last bike was an ER6F (why I don’t know) but had had Triumphs in the past. Test riding the Street Triple was an outright revelation. Friends felt the 100bhp in 150kg bike would be too much, but the delight of this bike is that it is so incredibly forgiving as well as ferociously fast.

Is a triumph a good first motorcycle?

Not only that, the little Triumph is comfortable enough to be an everyday town motorcycle, a first big bike or Sunday morning blaster.

Should I buy a destination triumph?

Buying experience: Destination Triumph are professionals Annual servicing cost: £300 performance is all the average person needs on the road. Best feature is the engine, that will take a lot to beat it. Worst feature: Why do manufacturers not fit a decent rear hugger, then charge the earth for a pretty useless extra.