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How to do and alphabox?

How to do and alphabox?

1. Each student is given a blank alphabox sheet (see below) and is asked to think of a word or phrase associated with the given topic and match them to each letter in the alphabet. For the Canada unit, for example, the “M” box can be filled with the word “moose” and “speaks French” could be written in the “S” box.

What are Alphaboxes used for?

The Alphaboxes is a strategy that uses the 26 letters of the alphabet to record important concepts about a specific topic or theme. This strategy gives students a one place to record all content specific vocabulary and concepts throughout a unit.

What is Alpha boxes?

Purpose: Alpha Boxes is an after reading strategy that promotes reflection, summarizes main points, increases vocabulary, and monitors comprehension. Students first work individually before coming together in pairs or small groups for this strategy.

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