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How fast can a 60 hp go-kart go?

How fast can a 60 hp go-kart go?

60cc go-karts can reach between 50mph and 60mph.

How fast are Junior Rotax karts?

Juniors: Age from 11,12 or 13 depending on class up to 17 Being a TAG class, the Rotax have a press button start. Rotax are more expensive initially but the engine runs longer between rebuilds, so the running costs can be less. Top speeds in the junior classes vary from 55mph to 75mph.

What is 60cc speed?

How Fast is a 60cc Dirt Bike Compared to Others?

Engine Size Possible Top Speed
40cc 15-22mph
50cc 25-40mph
60cc 25-45mph
70cc 30-50mph

How heavy is a Rotax Max kart?

Weight: 162kg (Min. Kart & Driver) (177kg = Heavy with 85kg driver min.)

How fast is a 50cc go-kart?

Most 50cc go-karts from the major manufacturers will reach a top speed of around 35 mph/56.3 kph. The exact speeds reached will be determined by a range of factors, such as the weight of the driver and the type of tires on the kart.

How much do Rotax karts cost?

Rotax Max Complete Karts Rotax Max Senior Complete Race-Ready Kar Price Tony Kart Racer 401 $8,995.00 Kosmic Mercury $8,995.00 FA Victory $9,075.00 Rotax Max Masters Complete Race-Ready Ka Price

Where can I find more about the Rotax Max category?

If you want to learn more about the Rotax Max category or to discuss your options, give us a call at 801-972-4631 or email us via the form on our contact page . Some photos in the gallery above are only to illustrate different chassis options available for this category of karts.

Who is the authorized distributor of Rotax in Malaysia?

BRP-Rotax together with EIKO Motorsport, the Rotax authorized distributor for the territories JAPAN, TAIWAN, CHINA, SINGAPORE, INDONESIA, BRUNEI, VIETNAM, CAMBODIA, LAOS, HONGKONG, MACAU, PHILIPPINES and MALAYSIA would like to inform that they have decided to hand-over the distributorship for the territory of Malaysia by December 31st, 2021.