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How does Moon Shadow describe Uncle Bright Star?

How does Moon Shadow describe Uncle Bright Star?

Terms in this set (24) How does Moonshadow description uncle bright star? MS describes him as a chuby onld man.

What is the source of Lefty’s name?

White Deer cooks up a feast that will make you salivate. Lefty makes a toast with wine. We learn that he cut off his own right hand to punish himself for gambling away his Return to China fund. Thus, the name Lefty.

What special gift did Uncle give Windrider?

Uncle Bright Star enters last in his finest garments. He gives the father and son pair a porcelain cup with a bit of soil from China. Windrider does the strange and bold thing of shaking hands with each of the Company men.

How does Uncle plan to get the flying machine up the hill?

How does Uncle Bright Star plan to get the flying machine up the hill? He wanted to call the aliens and ask them for help. He was planning on using five horses to move it up the hill.

What happen to Dragonwings?

Lesson Summary Chapter 12 is the end of the novel Dragonwings and the end of the flying machine that Windrider has built. Although his horoscope seems correct that the weather is right and Windrider is able to fly, his journey ends in a crash and the destruction of his flying machine.

Who is inside of Lefty?

In the Insanity Ending, the Cassette Man reveals that he created Lefty to capture the Puppet, who is his daughter. In the rare boot screen of Lefty, the Puppet can be seen inside the suit, which means Lefty’s task was accomplished.

What happens if you buy Lefty?

When buying Lefty, you’re allowing him to roam your pizzeria before it’s even necessary in the game. Not only that, but when you buy Lefty, it doesn’t give you an option to salvage him, meaning you won’t get the $5000 salvage money. Basically, buying Lefty is something you should never do.

Is Dragonwings a true story?

Dragonwings is a work of historical fiction that combines Chinese folklore about dragons with real historical events such as Chinese immigration to California, the great earthquake of 1906, and the story of a father and son who want to fly a plane.

How did Windrider Save Black Dog?

Black Dog wants the money Moon Shadow and Windrider have saved. He attacks Moon Shadow and threatens to kill him. Windrider gives Black Dog the money to save Moon Shadow from harm. Moon Shadow is angry with Black Dog for taking the little money that he and his father had left.

What did the emperor do with the invention of flying machine?

The emperor is stunned, then demands that the inventor be brought to him. The Emperor decrees that the man and his invention be destroyed because the progress symbolized by the flying machine threatens both the Emperor’s way of life and the well- being of his people.

What does the emperor fear in The Flying Machine?

The Emperor fears the beautiful flying machine because it represents uncertainty. Even the man who invented it is not sure what it is for. The Emperor dreads its power and is lack of ability to control it. As he tells the inventor before he has him executed, his machine could do harm in the hands of an evil man.

What does Moon Shadow give to Robin?

Rather, Robin learns from Moon Shadow (about dragons and airplanes – i.e., pretty boss things) and is fascinated rather than repulsed. She also helps Moon Shadow with his English and gives him his first book.

Why did Windrider have to leave the town?

The Tiger General advises Windrider to leave town for a while, especially since he’s killed a man. When Moon Shadow awakes the next morning, Windrider has been out of the house. He has decided to leave the Tang people’s area of town. He has gotten a job as a mechanic for Mr.

How old is Moon Shadow in Dragonwings?

eight years old
Moon shadow is eight years old when he sails from China to join his father, Windrider, in America. Windrider lives in San Francisco and makes his living doing laundry. Father and son have never met.

How do you avoid the scrap baby in FNaF 6?

The player can shock Scrap Baby by simply clicking the lightning-type button, but every time you do so, your power meter will drop by 1%. The shock will have no effect until Scrap Baby is about to jumpscare the player. You must refrain from pushing the button until you notice that she has moved in your office.

What does Moon Shadow receive as a gift from his father?

Moon Shadow sees his shared room with Father. He sees and is afraid of the electronic machines in the room. Moon Shadow hears Father’s dream about meeting the Dragon King. Moon Shadow gets the gift of a carved wooden Monkey from Uncle.