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How do you say fond memories?

How do you say fond memories?

“I heard that Bob used to play a lot of practical jokes while on the movie set, and I was wondering if she had any fond memories.”…What is another word for fond memories?

nostalgia recollection
recall reminiscence
reliving remembering
sentimentality memoirs
memories musing

What are the best short poems you have read?

Margaret Atwood “You Fit Into Me”

  • Ezra Pound “In a Station of the Metro”
  • Anais Nin “Risk”
  • Edna St.
  • Emily Dickinson “It’s All I Have to Bring Today”
  • Henry David Thoreau “My life has been the poem I would have writ”.
  • William Carlos Williams “Red Wheelbarrow”
  • Stephen Crane “I Stood Upon a High Place”
  • Maya Angelou “Awakening in New York”
  • What are some examples of short epic poems?

    the red wheelbarrow-william carlos williams

  • silhouette-langston hughes
  • the guest house-rumi
  • the second coming-william butler yeats
  • bantams in pine-woods-wallace stevens
  • two things of opposite nature seem to depend-wallace stevens
  • spring-edna st. vincent millay
  • to Jesus on His birthday-edna st.
  • tree at my window-robert frost
  • in the desert-stephen crane
  • What are some good poems?

    Browning offers a charming simile that love is like a seed to be planted, which takes time and nurturing. One of the most influential and greatest poems of all times, from Whitman’s collection, Leaves of Grass. O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman

    What are some short hyperbole poems?

    The Last Shot. Their backs are straighter than rulers. Time is like the speed of light.

  • On a Snowy Day. Everyone looks like snowmen. So much snow that it’s like walking up to heaven.
  • School Fight. Of the one who loses. The tall kid…He swings his fist with his hurricane force.
  • The Christmas Tree. Momma bought a tree bigger than Jack’s giant.