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How do I open my Acer Aspire E1 531?

How do I open my Acer Aspire E1 531?

Unscrew the two marked screws to remove the cover. Remove the marked screw and then pull out the optical drive. Slide the latches to remove the memory card. Slide the hard drive leftward and then pull out the hard drive.

Does Acer Aspire E1 531 have Bluetooth?

Windows 8 supports Bluetooth feature and also Acer Aspire E1-531 does have a Bluetooth feature. Here is something you may need to do. Download and install the Bluetooth drivers from the manufacturer website and you should be able to use Bluetooth feature on your computer.

How do I open my Acer Aspire e1?

Slide the lock switch to the right using your finger or a spudger. At the same time, grasp the battery with your other hand and slide it out of the laptop. Remove the battery. To reinsert or replace the battery, simply line up the tabs on the battery with the laptop and slide it straight back in.

Is 4GB enough RAM?

Key takeaway: If you’re a heavy web user, you can get by with 4GB of RAM, but will definitely see a benefit from a larger allotment, such as 8GB. If your open tabs routinely hit the 30+ mark, you’ll want at least 10GB of memory; more if you want to multitask in other programs as you browse.

How much does a Acer hard drive cost?

This item Brand 500GB Hard Disk Drive/HDD for Acer Aspire 5051 5315-2940 5520-5043 5520-5912 5620 5650 5672 5710 5715 5730 5730z 6920-6610 6920-6621 6930 7520G 7720-6569 7720-6604 8920 9420 aoa150-1777
Price $3399
Sold By HardDriveGeeks (SN Recorded)
Cache Memory Installed Size 8.0 MB
Digital Storage Capacity 500.0 GB

What does the Acer Aspire e1-531 look like?

Only a silver stripe and Acer’s logo catch the eye. When opened, the Aspire E1-531 shows us what it has to offer right away – thanks to stickers. Intel’s Pentium dual-core processor with 2.2 GHz and its integrated Intel HD Graphics (Sandy Bridge), 6 GB of working memory and a 500 GB hard disk are installed.

Is the Acer Aspire e-531 a good laptop?

The Aspire E-531 places itself between Acer’s Aspire V5-571G and Sony’s SV-E14A1M6EW in system performance. Both devices are more expensive and let the 1857 points in PCMark 7 look quite good in the end. Nevertheless, we are only on the performance level of office laptops. Western Digital’s 500 GB hard disk corresponds to the current standard.

How does the Aspire e1-531 compare to Intel’s Pentium B 970?

Lenovo’s IdeaPad N581 featuring Intel’s Pentium B970 achieves similar benchmark scores. Basically, the CPU benchmarks from the Aspire E1-531 are within the expected range of the installed processor. For comparison, a current i3 entry-level CPU from the Ivy Bridge generation offers roughly 70% more power.