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How do I contact Sun Mountain?

How do I contact Sun Mountain?

Please call our Customer Service Department direct at 800-227-9224 (Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. MST) to order.

Where are Sun Mountain carts made?

Missoula, Montana
From our home base in Missoula, Montana we continue to devote ourselves to developing the refined and innovative products that have made Sun Mountain the top golf bag company in North America.

How do you clean a Sun Mountain golf bag?

Cleaning Your Golf Bag

  1. Empty out Your Golf Bag.
  2. Vacuum the Inside and Pockets or Dry Wipe.
  3. Lightly Wash the Golf Bag with Water.
  4. Use a Clean Cloth to Scrub with Soap.
  5. If you have any lingering stains, scrub with a stain remover.
  6. After thoroughly rinsing the bag, let it dry overnight, out of the sun.

Who bought Sun Mountain?

Solace Capital Partners
Sun Mountain, an industry leader in golf bags, push carts and outerwear for some 40 years, has been acquired by Solace Capital Partners.

Who is Sun Mountain?

For 40 years Sun Mountain has been a pioneer in the golf industry, revolutionizing golf bags, golf outerwear and golf carts. Sun Mountain’s many innovations, including the first lightweight golf bag and modern stand bag, have made it the top golf bag company in North America.

How does Sun Mountain umbrella holder work?

The Sun Mountain Adjustable Umbrella Holder attaches to the umbrella holder fixture on Sun Mountain carts and allows the umbrella holder to pivot back and forth to adjust the angle of the umbrella. The umbrella holder receiver tube is included. Cart must have threaded mount already installed on cart.

Can you hose down a golf bag?

The things that you need to clean a golf bag are: Source of water like a sink, faucet, hose, A hose is very recommended. A mild soap, like the kind of soap that you would clean dishes with. A good optional thing to have is a stain remover that you would use for clothes.

How do you get the musty smell out of a golf bag?

Make a 1:1 solution of warm water and white vinegar. Add a drop of dish soap and stir it to make some suds. Then dip a clean sponge or rag into the mixture and squeeze it out. Scrub the inside of the bag with the damp sponge or rag, rewetting it as needed.

What material are golf bags made of?

Modern golf bags are made of nylon, canvas and/or leather, with plastic or metal reinforcement and framing, but historically bags have been made from other materials. Golf bags have several pockets designed for carrying various equipment and supplies required over the course of a round of golf.

How do you unfold a Sun Mountain push cart?

To unfold your cart’s front wheel, release the E-Z Latch at the bottom of your cart allowing the wheel to swivel freely and be fully extended . Once the wheel is extended, resecure the E-Z Latch to lock the front wheel in position.

Where can I get replacement parts for my Sun Mountain Push Cart?

To go along with the cart replacement parts, the Sun Mountain website also has a collection of golf push cart how-to videos for the most popular replacement parts and one can always call Sun Mountain customer service for assistance at 800-227-9224.

How much is flat rate shipping at Sun Mountain?

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What are the most popular golf push cart parts?

Some of the most popular cart parts include foam tire kits to replace the air-filled tires originally standard on the Speed Cart. Other popular items are replacement golf push cart inner tubes, brake cables, and bungee straps.

Which ez-latch cart should I Choose?

– If your cart has the EZ-Latch paddle (shaped like a whale’s tail) that allows many handle positions, please select the 2012 Micro-Cart.