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How do I contact ACT Fibernet Hyderabad?

How do I contact ACT Fibernet Hyderabad?


  1. Whatsapp: +91 – 99459 99459.
  2. App:
  3. Call centre: +91 – 9121212121, +91 – 7288999999.
  4. Toll free number: 1800 1022 836.

Is ACT Fibernet down in Hyderabad?

ACT problems in the last 24 hours in Hyderabad, Telangana At the moment, we haven’t detected any problems at ACT.

How do I raise my ACT ticket?

How to raise a ticket for ACT Fibernet account?

  1. Click on Support button under the quick links at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Click on Need Help, followed by ACT Broadband.
  3. Select the option “Facing Problem with my connection”
  4. Select the most relevant-choice from the list available.

How do I call the ACT?

Other ACT Products and Solutions

  1. ACT Student Services. 319-337-1270.
  2. ACT Aspire Summative. Contact us here. 855-730-0400.
  3. Mosaic by ACT. Email us here.

How do I call the act?

How do I talk to customer care ACT?

Can you take the ACT online?

Students who take the ACT online will receive their scores much quicker than those who take the paper exam. The creators of the ACT have stated that, with the online format, students can expect to receive their scores on nonwriting sections within two business days.

Does ACT give refunds?

We have processed a refund and you will receive in 7 working days. We have processed a refund and you will receive in 2 working days. We have noted your concern and we will get back to you with an update.

What is the problem with ACT?

The ACT was developed as an alternative to the SAT, but is just a different test, not a better one. Like the SAT, the ACT has long-standing problems of bias, inaccuracy, coachability, and misuse. Because of these flaws, no test – neither the ACT nor SAT – should be required in the college admissions process.

Which Wi-Fi is best in Hyderabad?

Wifi Internet Service Providers Hyderabad

  • ACT Fibernet. 3.7. 44439 Ratings.
  • Excitel Broadband. 2.8. 945 Ratings.
  • PIONEER ELABS LTD. 3.5. 2 Ratings.
  • Hathaway Broadband Internet Service Provider. 3.6. 15 Ratings.
  • Hatway Internet Service. 3.3.
  • Hathway Broadband Services. 3.7.

Can ACT be done at home?

ACT: We will “offer a remote proctoring option for the ACT test in late fall/early winter 2020, allowing students to take the test at their home on a computer, or at other safe and convenient locations. ACT will launch this option as part of its national testing program.