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Does Keyshia Cole have a new song out?

Does Keyshia Cole have a new song out?

The ballad follows Cole’s recent appearance on “Verzuz.” Last month, Keyshia Cole went head-to-head with Ashanti for the first “Verzuz” battle of 2021.

How many records has Ashanti sold?

Throughout her career Ashanti has sold nearly 15 million records worldwide.

What is Keyshia Cole doing in 2022?

Keyshia Cole is going celibate in 2022. The R&B songstress has announced that she’s swearing off sex in the new year. “I’m tackling celibacy this entire next year,” Cole told her Twitter followers. She received support from fans.

Did Keyshia Cole get cheated on?

Back in February, Cole blasted Gibson via Twitter for being unfaithful with a Houston stripper, however Gibson tells a different story. “I won’t say that I didn’t cheat, but I will say that I cheated my wife out of a friend in a lot of situations where I was supposed to hold her down and I didn’t,” he explained.

What is Keyshia Cole’s Instagram?

KC Cole (@keyshiacole) • Instagram photos and videos.

What world record does Ashanti have?

Her record-breaking self-titled debut album “Ashanti” celebrates its 20-year anniversary on April 2, 2022, and she is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest selling female debut artist for this album.

Why Keyshia Cole stop singing?

She said the reason she’s falling back from the industry is to spend more time with her children. Her fans are heartbroken and begged her to “change her mind.” Keyshia assured fans this is what she wants to do. She also let them know she’ll still perform her classic joints; she just won’t put out new music.

Where is Keyshia Cole now?

Keyshia Cole has been living her best life in Jamaica as she enjoys her vacation away from the hustle and.

How do you get in contact with Keyshia Cole?


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  • Personal Details. Did You Know? Is good friends with R’n’B singer Monica.
  • Does Keyshia Cole still like singing?

    We mean, she’s not great, but definitely not bad. Not by a long shot. Her singing style is definitely an acquired taste for some people, though. She has a husky voice with a strong southern twang that sometimes is a bit nasally. And like her fellow Disney star, Selena Gomez, she has had much commercial success as a pop artist.

    Is Keyshia Cole having a boy or a girl?

    Keyshia Cole is a mom for the second time! The “Love” singer and her boyfriend Niko Khale welcomed a baby boy on August 1 at 11:11pm…the same time mom was born! Cole and Khale made the joyous announcement on Instagram, sharing precious family moments leading up to the baby’s arrival.

    Did Keyshia Cole and Nelly ever date?

    Of course, this was a problem because Nelly and Ashanti were actually together at this time. The beef between the singers has since been squashed due to the fact that Keyshia is now happily married.