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Does Copenhagen University have dorms?

Does Copenhagen University have dorms?

Dorms can vary quite a bit. Some are similar to studio apartments with small kitchens and bathrooms, whereas others are more like shared apartments or dorm rooms. Both KKIK and CIU have an emergency housing list that you can sign up for in the month of August, if you haven’t already found accommodation by then.

Why is Copenhagen Business School good?

Classes are held in small groups, allowing students to focus better and actively participate in discussions and activities. This also enables professors to pay attention to each student individually, ensuring nobody is overlooked. Over 90% of Danish people speak English, so language barriers are non-existent.

How do I apply for student housing in Copenhagen?

Housing in Copenhagen is difficult to find and expensive. The CBS housing department has access to 8 student residences or dorms (please see list under “Student Residences”). You can apply for these using the CBS Housing on-line application process. There is no guarantee that you will get your first priority.

How many dorms are available at CBS Copenhagen?

The amount of dorms available at CBS is limited. We have around 350 dorm rooms and we accept around 725 exchange students in the fall semester. Finding private housing in Copenhagen is extremely difficult.

How do I become a full-time student at Copenhagen Business School?

To be considered a full-time student at Copenhagen Business School, a student must be registered for 30 ECTS credits per semester. All exchange students must be full-time students. Course descriptions can be found in our course catalogs, including the number of ECTS credits awarded for each course.

How can international exchange students find accommodation in Copenhagen?

We help international exchange students to find accommodation during their stay here at CBS. This website provides information about the different housing options available and practical help on how to apply. Housing in Copenhagen is very difficult to find and can be expensive.