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Can you put contour on your eyelids?

Can you put contour on your eyelids?

To begin, use shade Morale at the inner corner of your eye and lightly blend out and across the eyelid. This will work as a transitional shade and will create a light shadow. Once you have built and blended out the lighter shade, deepen the crease with shade Stark. Pack onto the outer corner of the eyelid.

How do you contour hooded eyelids?

With hooded eyes, apply a good amount of highlighter to the cheekbones (the same product you’re using in the inner corner of the eye) to create more balance and to lengthen the eyes. Finish off the entire look by adding a darker color to the natural contours of your face.

How do you contour almond eyes?

Almond eyes Almond eyes are very easy to contour. Just apply a wash of matte, medium or grey shade on the lid, and then blend a darker hue into the outer crease. Blend well. This classic technique will make your eyes stand out.

Do you put on foundation before you contour?

Contouring makeup is usually applied after foundation and concealer. Cream, liquid, and stick contours can be applied directly on top of foundation and then blended out for a seamless finish.

Are hooded eyes bedroom eyes?

Hooded eyes are sometimes called “bedroom eyes,” because the lids tend to look heavy and partly closed. There are two types of hooded eyes—those that you are born with and those that you acquire. Many women acquire hooded eyes as they age, but you can minimize the fullness of the lids to make you look years younger.

Why Asian eye makeup tutorials?

The diversity of Asian eye shapes call for many kinds of Asian eye makeup tutorials! You know what’s the ultimate issue with Asian eyes? Its size. Asian eyes are usually small, which is why eye makeup for Asian eyes focuses on making the eyes appear bigger.

Do Asian eyes have a crease?

For the 50% of Asians who do have a crease, it is commonly referred to as ‘double eyelids’ instead of ‘crease’. The crease is where the double eyelid fold stops. For most Caucasian eyes, the crease and contour of the eye coincide.

Can you do Asian smokey eye makeup if you have monolid eyes?

If you have monolid or hooded eyes, find comfort in knowing that you can do Asian smokey eye makeup any time, girl! It’s all about learning the proper technique to achieve the look. This tutorial for classic smokey eye makeup is perfect for beginners. Believe me when I say this eye makeup will never fail you!

How do I place the darkest shade of makeup on Asian eyes?

You can try raising your head and looking down to see it. If you still cannot see it, feel it. Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush like the MAC #217 and push the outer corner of the eyelid into the socket. Gently, please. There, my friend, is where you ‘place the darkest shade’ on an Asian eye. =)