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Can CPT 64640 be billed multiple times?

Can CPT 64640 be billed multiple times?

CPT‡ code 64640 may not be billed more than 5 times on a single date of service. Some services or procedures performed by HCP’s may not have specific CPT codes.

What does CPT code 64640 mean?


Does Medicare pay for 64640?

If the deep genicular nerves are treated (CPT 64624) and a superficial nerve is treated (CPT 64640), the superficial nerve treatment would not be separately reimbursed by Medicare for HOPDs. For reimbursement purposes, the treatment of multiple nerves is considered as multiple procedures.

Does CPT 64640 include fluoroscopy?

Yes you can use 77002 (Fluoroscopic guidance for needle placement [e.g., biopsy, aspiration, injection, localization device]). This often is the complaint CPT code to report in conjunction with 64640 (desctruction by neurolytic agent; other peripheral nerve or branch).

Does CPT code 64640 include fluoroscopy?

Which modifier is used for bundling?

modifier 59
As with bundling edits, you must append an appropriate modifier (usually modifier 59) to the Column 2 code to designate the procedures as separate and distinct. Documentation must support separate coding for the procedures.

What is the difference between CPT codes 77002 and 64640?

The reason is: Code 77002 describes fluoroscopic guidance during pain management injection procedures when your physician needs guidance for needle placement in areas other than the spine. If you submit 64640, it signals the payer that you’re not reporting a spinal injection.

What are the allowed units for CPT 64640?

Have been having a hard time finding Medicare documentation as to allowed units for CPT 64640. Calling Massachusetts Medicare Provider Relations I was told that Medicare allows up to 4 units, 1 per a line and use 59 modifier on second, third and fourth.

Can I use 77003 in conjunction with 64479-64484 and 64490-64495?

A new parenthetical was added to note that you should not use 77003 in conjunction with 64479-64484, 64490-64495 as fluoroscopy has been bundled into these codes. An additional parenthetical was added to emphasize that fluoroscopy codes 77001, 77002 and 77003 should not be reported when fluoroscopic guidance is included in the descriptor.

What is the CPT code 77003?

January 2011 CPT Assistant: … code 77003 is reported in conjunction with codes conjunction with codes 62267, 62270-62273, 62280-62282, and 62310-62319, when fluoroscopic guidance is necessary and performed with these injection, drainage or aspiration 63 procedures.