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Why did mikage make Nanami a God?

Why did mikage make Nanami a God?

Mikage tells Otohiko that he chose Nanami because he knew she would definitely live up to his expectations. As revealed in chapter 100 of the manga, Mikage met Nanami (while time traveling) twenty years in the past. She told him she knew how to save Tomoe from the curse and Mikage made her explain everything.

Did Tomoe love Nanami and yukiji?

Tomoe never fell in love with Yukiji and the woman he fell in love with was Nanami – who was disguised as Yukiji. Tomoe described the things he loved about Yukiji to Kuromaro, all of which were about Nanami or things she had done while in his presence.

Why did Nanami have Dragon King’s eye?

TL;DR: Nanami is a direct descendant of Yukiji. So the eye mystically passed from parent to child until it ended up inside Nanami. After a girl of Yukiji’s lineage gets pregnant (and they can only have girls) The eye passes on to the child, leaving the mother’s system.

Did Nanami give away 30 years of her life?

Nanami tells her to take out the Dragon King’s eye which she agrees to so long as Nanami gives her thirty years of her life.

What does Princess Narukami look like?

Princess Narukami (鳴神姫, Narukami-hime) is the lightning god and her shrine is located in the sky. Princess Narukamia has light blue hair that has violet tips at the end of her hair and dark maroon eyes. She wears beautiful kimonos and long black high-heeled boots.

What does narukamihime mean?

(Referring to Mikage) The name Narukamihime means “ringing” (鳴) ( naru ), “god, deity” (神) ( kami) and “princess” (姫) ( hime ). Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

How did Princess Narukami get Mikage’s Mark?

Princess Narukami stole Mikage ‘s mark from Nanami Momozono and used Daikokuten’s Lucky Mallet to shrink Tomoe to child size. She then went to the Mikage Shrine and claimed it as her own as she now bared the mark; Kotetsu and Onikiri were forced to follow her because they had to serve the land god whether they wanted to or not.