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Who owns Overland Contracting?

Who owns Overland Contracting?

Black & Veatch
Overland Contracting Inc., (OCI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Black & Veatch (B&V) that provides construction services in the open/merit shop arena.

What is OCI Construction?

An OCI occurs when a contractor’s performance on one government contract may compromise its ability to perform on another government contract or may compromise its ability to compete for a government contract in a fair way.

Can you award to a contractor if you determine there is an OCI?

An agency cannot issue an award to a contractor that possesses an OCI unless that OCI has been avoided, mitigated, or waived.

How can I avoid OCI?

If you want to avoid disqualification from being awarded a government contract, then you should seriously consider minimizing the risk of a perceived or actual organizational conflict of interest (“OCI”). Bid protest cases give rise to adverse results that may preclude your company from being awarded the contract.

What are the 3 types of OCI?

OCI Categories There are three primary categories for OCI: Unequal Access to Information, Biased Ground Rules, and Impaired Objectivity. Based on the different types of tasks involved in each category, differing mitigation techniques are considered effective for each category.

What is an OCI mitigation plan?

OCI mitigation plans are one of the most common ways for contractors to address any actual, potential or apparent organizational conflicts of interest that could arise if the contractor won the award.

Who is liaison between government and contractor?

CONTRACTING OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE Serves as liaison between contractors and the government contracting officer to identify and resolve issues.

Can a COR provide technical direction?

The COR monitors the contract and provides technical direction that does not otherwise result in a change to the contract’s cost, schedule, or performance requirements.

When the contractor is delinquent on contract performance?

DISCUSS WHEN AND WHY SCHEDULE COMPLIANCE MUST BE BROUGHT TO THE ATTENTION OF THE KO:When the contractor is delinquent on contract performance, the two types of delinquency notices sent by the Contracting Officer are: x A Cure Notice and a Termination Notice.