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Who owns Mr and Mrs Smith Hotels?

Who owns Mr and Mrs Smith Hotels?

James Lohan
Founder and Executive Chairman CEO James Lohan is one half of the couple behind Mr & Mrs Smith. James’ first company, Atomic, created the infamous Come Dancing parties and club promotions. (One of his London parties, in 1998, was voted ‘number-one place to be in the world’ by FHM.)

How does Mr and Mrs Smith make money?

Today, Mr & Mrs Smith employs more than 50 experts in London, Ibiza, New York, Los Angeles, and Singapore. There are three membership levels: BlackSmith (the basic membership, which is free) and two paid services — SilverSmith and GoldSmith — that charge an annual membership fee.

Is Mr and Mrs Smith reliable?

Among the discerning, elite hotel class, Mr. & Mrs. Smith is often referred to simply as “the club”. also has been voted twice as ‘Best Travel Website’ in Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards.

Who is the founder of Mr and Mrs Smith?

James LohanMr. & Mrs. Smith / Founder

What was the budget for Mr and Mrs Smith?

110 million USDMr. & Mrs. Smith / Budget

Does Mr and Mrs Smith have nudity?

There is a sex scene between Mr and Mrs Smith but there’s no nudity and it’s not explicit in any way.

Do Mr and Mrs Smith include flights?

Mr & Mrs Smith hotels – in partnership with British Airways Enjoy guaranteed savings when you book your flights and hotels together, and reap the rewards from both of our loyalty schemes (SilverSmith and GoldSmith members).

What’s the difference between Mr and Mrs Smith Unrated?

This “Unrated” edition of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” is five minutes longer than the original cut of the movie. However, some elements have been dropped and replaced with other elements.

Is Mr and Mrs Smith inappropriate?

The MPAA rated Mr. & Mrs. Smith PG-13 for sequences of violence, intense action, sexual content and brief strong language.