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Which RTO is WB 22?

Which RTO is WB 22?


RTO Locations RTO CODE
Alipore, South 24 Parganas WB20
Alipore, South 24 Parganas WB22
Barrackpore WB23
Barrackpore WB24

Which state number plate is WB?

West Bengal
In some states such as West Bengal, each RTO issues two numbers i.e., separate numbers for commercial vehicles and private vehicles. E.g. Asansol RTO, has the numbers WB 38 for private vehicles and WB 37 for commercial or public ones.

What is WB number tracking?

“WB” is the Airlines Code of RwandAir Cargo. Enter your WB Cargo Tracking AWB Number to track and trace your latest Freight, Cargo, Shipment Delivery Status details.

How many RTO are there in West Bengal?

93 RTOs
West Bengal has 93 RTOs which are WB19, WB22, WB69, WB70, WB37, WB44, WB38, WB61, WB62, WB28, WB25, WB26, WB42, WB43, WB41, WB95, WB45, WB54, WB53, WB88, WB47, WB48, WB63, WB64, WB86, WB85, WB76, WB77, WB97, WB98, WB39, WB40, WB16, WB15, WB17, WB18, WB11, WB13, WB12, WB14, WB92, WB91, WB71, WB72, WB59, WB60, WB75, WB04 …

Who delivers WNDirect?

In addition to WNDirect, the logistics company Pitney Bowes participates in the delivery, with numbers similar to UPAAA *****, through which you can track the movement of the parcel before it leaves the US and gets transfered to WNDirect.

What is wnDirect shipping?

wnDirect is a European logistics company delivering goods from online stores. After your package arrives to destination country, it will be handed over to the local courier or postal company. wnDirect works with eBay as part of eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP).

Who delivers wnDirect?

How do I track my wnDirect?

try Parcel monitor. It makes a great wnDirect tracking solution for all your packages. A registered parcel ID is all you need to check the status of your wnDirect packages or air mails with a single click. Parcel Monitor makes an ultimate tool for fast and effortless express tracking.