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Which printers use 364XL cartridges?

Which printers use 364XL cartridges?

Printers that accept this Compatible HP 364XL Black Ink Cartridge (Own Brand)

  • HP DeskJet 3070.
  • HP DeskJet 3070A.
  • HP DeskJet 3520 e-All-In-One.
  • HP DeskJet 3521.
  • HP DeskJet 3522.
  • HP DeskJet 3524.
  • HP DeskJet 5400.
  • HP DeskJet D5445.

Can I use HP 304XL instead of 304?

In fact, a 304XL cartridge will fit any printer that takes the standard capacity cartridges. So, if you usually use HP 304 ink cartridges, then you can also use the 304XL variety with out issue.

Is HP 64XL interchangeable?

What is the difference between HP 64 and 64XL ink? There is no difference in the size since they use the same cartridge. They are physically identical, and they both install the same way in your printer.

Is 302 ink the same as 302XL?

The standard capacity HP 302 black cartridge contains 3.5ml of ink, giving an approximate yield of 190 pages. The high capacity HP 302XL black cartridge contains 8.5ml of ink, which give a page yield of approximately 480 pages.

Are HP 301 and 304 interchangeable?

If you’re trying to use HP 301 inks in a 304 printer they may fit but you will end up with an error message saying “inks not recognised” or something along those lines. This message you won’t be able to bypass. You will need to go and get the correct inks for your printer model.

What ink cartridge does the HP Photosmart 7520 use?

HP 564XL ink
Your HP PhotoSmart 7520 printer is designed to work with original HP 564 and HP 564XL ink cartridges.

Is there a substitute for HP 65 ink?

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Are HP 65 and 65XL interchangeable?

HP 65 an HP 65XL are same physical size, only the XL has more inks inside and Yes, you can use both on your printer.

What ink does the HP 364 come in?

Ink Compatible with the HP 364 Printer. The HP 364 ink cartridges are also known as the HP 364XL inks available in both standard and high capacity. The cartridge numbers you’re looking for with the HP 364 printer are the XL’s (high capacity) HP 364XL black, cyan, magenta and yellow in stock.

How do I troubleshoot printer problems with HP 364 cartridges?

There may be some troubleshooting related to cleaning the electrical contacts in the printer and the cartridge as well as inspecting the printer electrical contacts for damage that may help resolve the issue. The HP 364 cartridges are compatible with the following printers.

What is the difference between original ink and compatible ink cartridges?

Our compatible ink cartridges contain 24ml of ink per cartridge as opposed to 6ml in originals and come with a 1-year guarantee, free delivery and 10% off future compatible ink orders. Find out more information by selecting the products below.

Do they still make cartridges for the HP DeskJet 500?

HP still makes cartridges for the Deskjet 500 introduced in 1990, in fact the 51604a cartrdiges for the original Thinkjet printer introduced in 1984 are still available. HP has discontinued cartrdiges in the past, but they tend to be very niche products that never got much volume.