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Where should I put Speed nocks?

Where should I put Speed nocks?

The easiest way to start is by placing a single brass nock at 0.5” from your top and bottom cam. Solo cam bows will typically benefit from the speed nocks being placed near the cam and not the idler wheel. These speed nocks go on the serving, not on the string.

What is a speed nock on a compound bow string?

Speed Nocks – Most commonly a group of brass “nocks” or “nock-sets” crimped onto a bowstring in specific locations to achieve better performance. There are many different styles of nocks these days but they all have the same objective.

What are the rubber hooks on a compound bow?

Those rubber things are eliminator buttons. For those who do not shoot with a loop, you slide one under your nock and attack your release just under the button. They can wear out which is why there are extras that are usually stored on the string down near the lower cam.

How do I remove knock points?

Registered. A pair of normal pliers on one side, and blunt (flat) head screwdriver in the groove of the nock set. Hold nock tightly in pliers and twist screwdriver till nock is loose enough to be removed.

What are Berger holes?

The Berger Hole is the tapped hole above the arrow shelf on a compound bow. The arrow rest is screwed into the berger hole from the outside of the riser. It is standard to have your arrow centered on the center of the berger hole when setting up the bow.

How do you find D loop location?

You want the D-loop facing straight back directly towards you when the bow is at rest. This is very important because when you fire the bow and the arrow leaves the string, you want the D-loop to stay directly behind the arrow nock as it directs the arrow from the string and not come in contact with the arrow.

Can I move my D loop?

Moving your loop is as simple as twisting it up or down your serving. Just grasp the top knot and give it a twist. Then the bottom in the same direction. Also your loop can be untied and retied.

Do speed nocks increase FPS on a bow string?

Then look no further than applying speed nocks to your bow string. You will notice that adding things to the string such as a d-loop, peep sight, and rubber dampeners will actually decrease the fps of your bow. So how is it that you can gain fps by placing additional weight on your string?

What are speed nocks and how do you use them?

Don’t let their look fool you. These little guys can boost bow speed and performance when applied correctly. Basically, speed nocks are weighted items, the most common are small brass nock sets that are strategically placed near the top and bottom cams.

How to Nock a bow with brass nocks?

After you find the optimum position for all the brass nock sets, you can place your bow in a press and remove the string and cover the brass nock sets with heat shrink tubing to cover the glare of the brass. Finally, use a lighter to shrink them down to the string serving.

How to make a Bow pick up speed?

Other materials you could use are speed balls, eliminator buttons, and speed studs, just to name a few. The weight of the speed nocks in their respectable position will decrease string oscillations and help the string return to the cam track faster, thus enabling a bow to pick up speed.