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Where did the name White Pony come from?

Where did the name White Pony come from?

“The name started out as the graphic itself, the picture of a pony,” Moreno explained to Slamm magazine in 2000. “I thought we should use it as propaganda to represent our individuality, to say, ‘We are the white pony amongst all these other bands,’ and we stuck with it.”

What is White Pony slang for?

“White pony” is street slang for cocaine.

What does the white pony symbolize?

What guitar is used on white pony?

Though ESP offered Moreno a custom Viper guitar, Moreno soon decided to go his own way, and opt for a Gibson SG Standard to build up some of White Pony’s most absorbing guitar rushes.

Did White Pony win a Grammy?

The album includes two successful singles (“Change (In the House of Flies)” and “Back to School (Mini Maggit)”), the promotional single “Digital Bath”, as well as the 2001 Grammy Award-winning track for Best Metal Performance, “Elite”.

What is the meaning of the White Pony?

“White pony” is street slang for cocaine.

What kind of drug is white horse?

(slang) A recreational drug in the form of white powder: heroin or cocaine.

When did White Pony by Deftones come out?

White Pony is the third studio album by American alternative metal band Deftones, released on June 20, 2000, through Maverick Records. It was produced by Terry Date, who produced the band’s first two albums, Adrenaline (1995) and Around the Fur (1997).

Where is White Pony on the All Time list?

In 2017, Rolling Stone ranked White Pony as 66th on their list of ‘The 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time.’ In 2020, it was named one of the 20 best metal albums of 2000 by Metal Hammer magazine. The album’s third track, “Elite”, won the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 2001.

What are white pony’s influences?

Stylistically, White Pony combines the band’s standard alternative metal sound, influenced by bands such as Tool, Faith No More and Nine Inch Nails, with the layered atmospherics of The Cure, specifically their Pornography era.

What does White Pony mean?

“White pony” is street slang for cocaine. However, there are other meanings for the album name, including a sexual reference, as explained by Moreno: “There’s a lot of different references for White Pony.