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Where are Venezuelan refugees going?

Where are Venezuelan refugees going?

Neighboring Colombia was the main country of destination of Venezuelan emigrants, with over 1.7 million. Peru came in second, as almost 950,000 Venezuelans had emigrated there, followed by Chile, where over 500,000 Venezuelans resided after leaving their home country.

What caused the Venezuelan refugee crisis?

Venezuela’s crime rate is a major cause of emigration. According to sociologist Tomás Páez, Venezuelan parents and grandparents encourage young people to leave the country for their own safety. Venezuela deteriorated under Hugo Chávez, with political instability and violence increasing.

Do people migrate to Venezuela?

Immigration to Venezuela has been significant. After the Spanish colonization of the Americas brought European colonists and African slaves, immigration to Venezuela was significant particularly in the period after World War II, with large numbers of immigrants from Asia and Europe, particularly southern Europe.

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