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When did Stromae release Alors on danse?

When did Stromae release Alors on danse?

2010Alors On Danse / Released
“Alors on danse” (pronounced [alɔʁ ɔ̃ dɑ̃s], French for “And so we dance”) is a song by Belgian musician Stromae. It was released in September 2009 in Belgium and in February 2010 in the rest of Europe.

What song does Alors on danse sample?

Out, Out
Althea Legaspi’s Most Recent Stories. U.K. dance producers Joel Corry and Jax Jones have joined forces for the bumping new track, “Out, Out” featuring Charli XCX and Saweetie. The song samples Belgian musician Stromae’s 2010 global hit “Alors on Danse.”

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