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What two groups receive the largest number of volunteers?

What two groups receive the largest number of volunteers?

Among the major race and ethnicity groups, Whites continued to volunteer at a higher rate (26.4 percent) than Blacks (19.3 percent), Asians (17.9 percent), and Hispanics (15.5 percent). In 2015, the volunteer rate showed little or no change for all of the major race and ethnicity groups.

What age are most volunteers?

Does age matter? Most likely to volunteer, according to the survey, were people ages 35-44 (28.9%) and 45-54 (28%). The lowest volunteer rates were seen among ages 20-24 (18.4%). There are reasons why volunteering seems to be more prevalent among certain age groups, says Dr.

Why volunteer with feeding Tampa Bay?

More Than Ever. Feeding Tampa Bay is considered an essential facility – working hard to ensure vulnerable neighbors across our 10-county service territory have the food they need through any crisis that arises. Volunteers are crucial to these efforts and play a large role in the deployment of our emergency programs.

How many volunteers does it take to run the holiday tent?

We have special events during the year all throughout the Tampa Bay Area from collections donations, to distributing food but most of all we are known for our trademark Holiday Tent. Up from October through December, this opportunity may take up to 600 volunteers a day to operate efficiently!

How do I schedule a group for volunteer work?

Groups over 10 volunteers must be scheduled by contacting our Volunteer Services Team. Email us below or call 813-254-1190. Give back to our community by simply using your time and voice? Become a Student Ambassador for Feeding Tampa Bay!

Can I volunteer at Metro?

Whether it is assembling food boxes at our warehouse, preparing lunch for 3,000, or helping build our iconic Holiday Tent, you can find volunteering opportunities you will love here at Metro. Some volunteer tasks are not available at this time.