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What size is a S480 Turbo?

What size is a S480 Turbo?

Turbo Specifications: Compressor Wheel Inducer Diameter (mm): 80mm. Compressor Wheel Inducer Diameter (in): 3.16. Compressor Wheel Outer Diameter (in): 4.32. Turbine Wheel Outer Diameter (mm): 96mm.

What size is Borg Warner S400?

High-flow S400 model, with compressor flow over 105 lb/min. Wheel Dimensions: Compressor: 74.7 mm inducer, 100.8mm exducer, with exclusive Extended Tip Technology. Turbine: 83mm inducer, 74mm exducer.

What is an S480 Turbo?

The Borg Warner S480 FMW turbo has an 80MM inducer and utilizes the J-Type turbine wheels which out-flows and out-responds the previous 80mm/87mm wheel used. This high-flow model has compressor flow over 125 lbs per minute and is rated at 500 to 1,250 hp. Borg Warner Turbos S480 FMW Turbocharger (1000+HP) quantity.

What MM is a 171702 turbo?

Product Description. BorgWarner 171702 – BorgWarner Turbocharger SX S400 T6 A/R 1.32 74.7mm Inducer.

What MM is a S475 Turbo?

See all 19 photos The S475 was equipped with an 83mm turbine wheel and 1.0 AR turbine housing. See all 19 photos Run on the dyno with the Borg S475, the turbo 6.0L produced 878 hp and 804 lb-ft of torque at a peak boost pressure of 11.3 psi.

What is the biggest T4 Turbo?

BorgWarner S482SX aka 11087 82.2mm S400SX (179182) The brand new 82.20mm S400SX FMW turbocharger from BorgWarner’s 2011 Airwerks lineup is the single most powerful and highest flowing T4 footprint turbo ever released to the high performance racing community.

What size is a gt35r turbo?

Compressor Size ——-
* Trim: 57
* Inducer Diameter: 61.5mm
* Exducer Diameter: 81.5mm
* A/R: 0.7

What size is a eBay GT45?


Are T3 and T4 turbo flanges the same?

This means that T4 can generate more air at full boost to achieve more horsepower than T3. Generally speaking, T4 turbos are usually for larger motors and use a different exhaust flange.

What are the different sizes of turbo inlet flanges?

Turbo Inlet Flange Sizes. 1 T2 Turbo Flange Measurements. Also known as T25 or T28. 2 T3 Turbo Flange Measurements. 3 T3 Twin Scroll Turbo Flange Measurements. 4 Need to build a Manifold?? 5 Manifold Build Kits Available Here.

What kind of Turbo does a BorgWarner s400sx4 have?

We start off with a genuine BorgWarner S400SX4 turbocharger and add our proven billet 80mm compressor wheel and Severe Duty 360° thrust bearing upgrade for a turbo that is capable of 1350+ HP, with the reliability you have come to expect from WORK!

What is the size of the turbocharger?

Turbocharger comes complete with the 1.32 A/R T6 turbine housing, 96/88mm Inconel turbine wheel and a custom machined 5″ inlet/V-band outlet compressor cover.