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What is the most realistic looking gas fireplace?

What is the most realistic looking gas fireplace?

H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs are the most realistic gas logs because they are meticulously hand-crafted to resemble natural wood and carefully designed and arranged to produce a flame that looks just like a real wood fire.

How much does a gas fireplace cost in Canada?

Freestanding units range from $2,000 to $3,000, depending on the model and cost to install. They can be placed virtually anywhere in the home, and come in many styles and colours. Gas fireplace inserts range in price from $1,600 to $2,000, depending on the model and venting choices.

What is the best gas fireplace brand in Canada?

Our Favorite Gas Fireplaces

  • Linear Fireplace: White Mountain HearthBoulevard Direct Vent Linear Fireplace.
  • Gas Insert: Napoleon Oakville Series Electronic Ignition Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Insert.
  • Most Realistic: Superior Electronic Ignition Direct Vent Gas Fireplace with Remote & Split Oak Logs.

Do I need a permit to install a gas fireplace in Ontario?

Installing Your Gas Fireplace In most areas, a special installation permit is required before you begin, as well as an inspection once the work is completed.

Are ventless gas fireplaces legal in Canada?

Ventless gas fireplaces are illegal because they are against the National Building Code of Canada, namely, Section 9.36. 3.10 (2). This code is adopted by many jurisdictions, making its provisions law. These fireplaces release hazardous chemicals directly into a home.

Can a TV be mounted over a gas fireplace?

In most cases, you should not install electronics above wood-burning stoves or gas fireplaces and inserts because they produce massive amounts of heat. That heat could severely damage your tv or other electronic devices.

Does Wolf Steel Own Napoleon?

Wolf Steel Ltd., better known as Napoleon, is the largest privately-owned manufacturer of fireplaces, grills, and gas furnaces in North America….Napoleon (company)

Trade name Napoleon
Type Private
Industry Manufacturing
Founded 1976
Founder Wolfgang Schroeter

Are Napoleon gas fireplaces good quality?

Napoleon Gas Fireplaces are high-quality products. Whether you choose the Direct Vent models or a Vent Free Model, you are going to get a good unit but is it right for your home?

Does a gas fireplace need to be vented outside?

Gas fireplaces need to be vented by a chimney or other vent, unless you have a ventless gas fireplace. Ventless gas fireplaces do not need ventilation and are designed to burn cleaner with a lower flame that will not smoke. If your gas fireplace is not a ventless model, then it will likely need a vent of some sort.

How high does a TV need to be above a gas fireplace?

Mount your TV at least 20 inches above the fireplace. In most cases, this will put your TV 7–12 inches above the fireplace mantle. If your TV is not wall-mounted, place the TV stand at least 36 inches away from the fireplace opening. TVs are heat-sensitive.

What is the best rated gas fireplace?

Napoleon GVFS20N Fireplace.

  • Ashley AGC500VFBN Vent-Free Black Enameled Porcelain Cast Iron Stove.
  • Heritage Cast Iron Porcelain Black Stove.
  • Thelin Echo Direct Vent (NG) Natural Gas or (LP) Propane Heater.
  • Napoleon Grandville VF Series GVF36-2N 37″ Vent Free Natural Gas Fireplace.
  • Ashley AGVF340LP Vent-Free Propane Gas Firebox.
  • How do you set up a gas fireplace?

    – Applying pipe thread sealant around the gas line connection on the burner. – Attach the gas supply line to the burner. – Fasten the connection tightly using a wrench.

    Where to buy gas fireplace?

    Like any home repair, keep safety top-of-mind when working with gas. And while we’re on the subject, if you have a gas fireplace in your home, make sure you also have a working carbon monoxide detector nearby so you know if you ever end up getting a gas leak.

    Do gas fireplaces need annual maintenance?

    While gas fireplaces don’t need as much maintenance as wood ones do, they still need to be cleaned every once in a while. This way, you prevent clogs and too much dust, and the fireplace keeps working properly.