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What is the effective range on SCAR 17S?

What is the effective range on SCAR 17S?

Rate of fire 550–650 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity SCAR-L: 2,870 ft/s (870 m/s) (M855), 2,630 ft/s (800 m/s) (Mk 262) SCAR-H: 2,342 ft/s (714 m/s) (M80)
Effective firing range SCAR-L: 300 m (330 yd) (CQC), 500 m (550 yd) (STD), 700 m (770 yd) (LB) SCAR-H: 400 m (440 yd) (CQC), 600 m (660 yd) (STD), 800 m (870 yd) (LB)

What is so great about a SCAR 17?

Overall, the SCAR 17S is a solid, rugged design, and the weapon has a very nice feel and balance in the hands. Its light-profile 16.25-inch barrel features a 1:12 twist rate and a hard-chromed bore. An FN-marked PWS FSC muzzle brake comes standard.

What ammo does scar 17S shoot?

7.62x51mm NATO
The FN Scar 17 uses 7.62 NATO rounds for ammunition by default in Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare. Just like its real-life counterpart, the Scar fires long-range, hard-hitting 7.62x51mm NATO/308 Winchester cartridge.

Are scars good guns?

While there are other similar home defense rifles on the market for less, the SCAR truly offers the most in versatility, accuracy, and overall value. It’s definitely expensive, but a great, reliable, and accurate firearm if you can swing it.

Is the SCAR 17 loud?

The laptop’s fans can get loud, but it’s no louder than most other high-end gaming laptops. And even at peak performance, the Strix Scar 17’s above-average speakers do an admirable job at hushing the sound of the fans (though, dialogue-heavy games won’t fare as well, so use some headphones if that applies to you).

What military uses FN SCAR?

WASHINGTON — In a propaganda film posted to the Taliban’s official website, a fighter can be seen carrying a FN SCAR 7.62mm rifle, a weapon commonly issued to U.S. special operators, such as Marine Raiders and Army Rangers.

What is your review of the FN scar-17 (SCAR-H)?

SCAR Review: FN SCAR-16S & SCAR-17S. This is the first rifle I’ve been excited over in years. I have a lot of experience with the FAL and think it is a great rifle, but it is 60 year old technology. Surely there is some tangible improvement? So when the SCAR-17 (SCAR-H) became available in semiautomatic for civilian sales, I was very interested.

What kind of round does a scar 17 shoot?

The model we’re taking a look at, though, is the SCAR 17S. This bad boy is a gas-powered, semi-auto BEAST. It fires 7.62 x 51mm round…or as most folks call it, .308. (Ya’ll duke out the differences in the comment section.)

Why is the FN SCAR so popular?

Some guns are straight-up legends in the firearms community and the FN SCAR is one such gun. With a military background, the SCAR platform is iconic and memorable. Making appearances in Jason Bourne, Batman v.

Where is the FN SCAR-H made?

The “real” FN SCAR-H is manufactured at a plant in South Carolina, but the civilian version comes from a plant in Belgium. Yes, the country in Europe – a place where the market is significantly smaller for the civilian variant of a military firearm.