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What is the CPT code for a wheelchair?

What is the CPT code for a wheelchair?

Code 97542 is used to report management of a patient using a wheelchair including assessment (eg, pos- tural/positioning needs), fitting (eg, pressure relief), and training (eg, getting in and out of the wheelchair safely and managing wheelchair propulsion on various terrains).

What is the Hcpcs modifier for non electric wheelchair?

HCPCS Code Details – E0171

HCPCS Level II Code Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Search
HCPCS Code E0171
Description Long description: Commode chair with integrated seat lift mechanism, non-electric, any type Short description: Commode chair non-electric
HCPCS Modifier1

What is the CPT code for manual wheelchair?

Billing HCPCS Code K0108 – Wheelchair Component or Accessory, Not Otherwise Specified.

What are HCPCS K codes?

2022 HCPCS Codes > K Codes

  • K0001 – Standard wheelchair.
  • K0002 – Stnd hemi (low seat) whlchr.
  • K0003 – Lightweight wheelchair.
  • K0004 – High strength ltwt whlchr.
  • K0005 – Ultralightweight wheelchair.
  • K0006 – Heavy duty wheelchair.
  • K0007 – Extra heavy duty wheelchair.
  • K0008 – Cstm manual wheelchair/base.

What are HCPCS K codes used for?

K codes are used by Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Administrative Contractors (DME MACs). DME MACs develop new K codes when existing national codes for supplies and certain product categories do not include the codes needed to implement a DME MAC medical review policy.

What is the Ku modifier used for?

The KU modifier is used to receive the unadjusted fee schedule amount and is being implemented for a variety of wheelchair accessories and seat back cushions used with complex rehabilitative manual wheelchairs and certain manual chairs.

What is HCPCS code K0001?

Short Description: Standard wheelchair.

What is Hcpc K0800?

HCPCS Code K0800 K0800 is a valid 2022 HCPCS code for Power operated vehicle, group 1 standard, patient weight capacity up to and including 300 pounds or just “Pov group 1 std up to 300lbs” for short, used in Used durable medical equipment (DME).

What are HCPCS G codes used for?

G-codes are used to report a beneficiary’s functional limitation being treated and note whether the report is on the beneficiary’s current status, projected goal status, or discharge status.

What does modifier KH mean?

First rental month
Modifiers used for capped rental items are: KH First rental month. KI Second and third rental months. KJ Fourth to thirteenth rental months.

What is k0195?

Short Description: Elevating whlchair leg rests. Long Description: ELEVATING LEG RESTS, PAIR (FOR USE WITH CAPPED RENTAL WHEELCHAIR BASE)

How do I contact Permobil C400?

Box 120, 861 23 Timrå, Sweden Tel: +46 60 59 59 00. Fax: +46 60 57 52 50 E-mail: [email protected] Permobil C400 Power Wheelchair Produced and Published by Permobil AB, Sweden Edition: 4, 2008-08 Order No. 205207-US-0 Valid from serial no:

Is there a warranty on a Permobil C400 wheelchair?

Owner´s Manual Permobil C400 7 Important Information about this Owner’s Manual Awarranty registration card is attached to each new wheelchair. The Permobil Inc. Product Warranty Information sets forth the conditions of the warranty. Contact your dealer or Permobil Inc USA for information about the warranty period for this wheelchair.

How do I contact Permobil for technical support?

In the event of technical problems, you should contact your dealer or Permobil Inc USA at 1-800-736-0925. Always state the chassis serial number when contacting Permobil to ensure that the correct information is provided. TECHNICAL SUPPORT SPARE PARTS & ACCESSORIES WARRANTY

How to adjust the seat height on the Permobil C400?

The Permobil C400 can be fitted with an electrically controlled seat height adjuster. An actuator device which is controlled from the maneuvering panel makes it possible to raise the seat up to 7 3/4” to adapt the height to tables, benches, etc.