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What is the banana girl?

What is the banana girl?

Leanne Ratcliffe (Freelee the Bananagirl) is an Australian YouTube personality, vegan activist, speaker, and author. She is the creator of the YouTube channel Freelee The BananaGirl, where she talks about her diet, exercise and lifestyle. Her channel accumulated over 780 thousand subscribers and 330 million views.

What is Freelee diet?

Freelee subscribes to the ‘Raw Till 4’ diet — meaning she eats no cooked or heated food whatsoever until 4 pm — and blends up to 15 bananas daily into smoothies. This is what her daily diet looks like: First, she recommends at least four litres of water a day (the NHS recommends around 1.2 litres).

Why is it called Raw Till 4?

Like the name suggests, dieters eat raw until 4pm (a kinda random time), after which they are allowed to have their final and only cooked meal of the day. But don’t get too excited, the website itself reminds you that you’re cooking ‘without oils to help flavor and cook your food.

How many calories does Freelee eat a day?

2,000 and 5,000 calories
The low-processed and high-carbohydrate diet is not low on calories, as Freelee typically consumes 2,000 and 5,000 calories per day. “There are some benefits to the diet.

Is eating 30 bananas a day healthy?

Even if it helps you lose a little bit of weight (which is unlikely, considering 30 bananas contain more than 3,000 calories — many more than the average young woman needs per day), “the plan is restrictive, [it] lacks nutrients needed to be a healthy person, and it encourages [an] unhealthy relationship towards food,” …

How many bananas does Freelee eat in a day?

Is Freelee a frugivore?

Not everyone was inspired by Freelee’s food choices, with some calling it ‘malnutrition’ and ‘way too much sugar’. She labels herself a ‘frugivore’ on social media, which is a word that describes animals who live off raw fruits, succulent fruit-like vegetables, roots, shoots, nuts and seeds.

Who is Freelee the Banana Girl and is she vegan?

1 Freelee the Banana Girl – real name Leanne Ratcliffe – follows a vegan lifestyle 2 She has been vegan for almost 14 years and follows the ‘raw until 4’ principles 3 In September, the outspoken animal activist shared her unique day on a plate 4 Breakfast was half a watermelon and lunch was vegan banana ice cream

What is coconut sugar made out of?

Coconut sugar is also called coconut palm sugar. It’s a natural sugar made from coconut palm sap, which is the sugary circulating fluid of the coconut plant. It is often confused with palm sugar, which is similar but made from a different type of palm tree. Coconut sugar is made in a natural 2-step…

Is coconut sugar fructose-free?

Despite frequent claims that coconut sugar is effectively fructose-free, it’s made of 70–80% sucrose, which is half fructose. For this reason, coconut sugar supplies almost the same amount of fructose as regular sugar, gram for gram.