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What is DataStage tutorial?

What is DataStage tutorial?

DataStage is an ETL tool used to extract, transform, and load data from the source to the target destination. The source of these data might include sequential files, indexed files, relational databases, external data sources, archives, enterprise applications, etc.

What is the language used in DataStage?

InfoSphere® DataStage® BASIC is a business-oriented programming language designed to work efficiently with the InfoSphere DataStage environment.

What is peek in DataStage?

The Peek stage is a Development/Debug stage. It can have a single input link and any number of output links. The Peek stage lets you print record column values either to the job log or to a separate output link as the stage copies records from its input data set to one or more output data sets.

How do I create a simple DataStage job?

Perform the following steps to build a job:

  1. Define optional project-level environment variables in DataStage Administrator.
  2. Define optional environment parameters.
  3. Import or create table definitions, if they are not already available.
  4. Add stages and links to the job to indicate data flow.

Is DataStage a coding?

InfoSphere® DataStage® BASIC is a business-oriented programming language designed to work efficiently with the InfoSphere DataStage environment. It is easy for a beginning programmer to use yet powerful enough to meet the needs of an experienced programmer.

What is head stage in DataStage?

The Head Stage selects the first N rows from each partition of an input data set and copies the selected rows to an output data set. You can sample data using this stage. The Head Stage is a development and debug stage. It can have a single input link and a single output link.

How do you Debug in DataStage?

The InfoSphere® DataStage® debugger provides basic facilities for testing and debugging your server job designs….The following commands are available from the Debug menu or Debug toolbar:

  1. Target Job.
  2. Go.
  3. Step to Next Link.
  4. Step to Next Row.
  5. Stop Job.
  6. Job Parameters… .
  7. Edit Breakpoints… .
  8. Toggle Breakpoint.

How do you create a data source in DataStage?

Creating a data connection object

  1. Create the data connection object manually by entering details directly into IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage®.
  2. Create the data connection object by saving the connection details you use when importing metadata from a data source.

Why to learn DataStage?

DataStage is one of the best tools which is used to measure and transform data through different systems, and when it comes to the question of why to learn DataStage? Then my answer will be, Notwithstanding many other ETL tools in the market, DataStage implies one of the powerful data warehousing tools.

What are projects in DataStage?

In DataStage, projects are a method for organizing your data. It includes defining data files, stages and build jobs in a specific project. To create a project in DataStage, follow the below steps:

What is DataStage server and manager?

DataStage server: Runs executable projects, under the concerning tool of the DataStage Director, that extract, convert, and also load data within a data warehouse. DataStage manager: It is a graphical tool that allows us to see and control the contents regarding the DataStage Repository.

What is DataStage PX?

Besides stages, DataStage PX makes use of containers in order to reuse the job parts and stages to run and plan multiple jobs simultaneously. Datastage provides a GUI (Graphical User Interface) driven interface to carry out the E xtract T ransform L oad work.