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What is a head gate in irrigation?

What is a head gate in irrigation?

Definition of headgate : a gate for controlling the water flowing into a channel (such as an irrigation ditch)

What is a canal gate?

Canal Gates are low seating heads application and have basic designs using cast iron gate material and steel or stainless steel rails. They are a price conscious alternative to slide gates. Actuation- Canal gates typically are equipped with hand wheels, they can be electrically operated as well.

How do irrigation ditches work?

An irrigation ditch has flow division boxes to divert the water to smaller canals. Ditches have overflow structures to prevent damages when the water discharge is too high, as well as settling structures and filters, to retain any sediment or debris.

How do canal lock gates work?

A lock usually consists of a watertight basin known as a lock chamber, which is used to raise or lower the water level as required. Boats are raised or lowered by filling or emptying the lock chamber. Gates at each end of the lock chamber allow the boats to enter and leave.

What is a river Watergate?

A watergate (or water gate) is a fortified gate, leading directly from a castle or town wall directly on to a quay, river side or harbour.

What is a lateral ditch?

DEFINITION. A Main or Lateral drainage ditch is an open drainage ditch constructed to a designed size and grade.

What is a switch gate?

[′swich·iŋ ‚gāt] (electronics) An electronic circuit in which an output having constant amplitude is registered if a particular combination of input signals exists; examples are the OR, AND, NOT, and INHIBIT circuits. Also known as logical gate.

What are the different types of lock gates?

Different types of locks

  • Single locks. Single locks consist of one lock gate and are the most straightforward to use.
  • Broad locks. Double the width of a single or narrow lock allowing two narrowboats to go through together, or one wide boat.
  • Double locks.
  • Stop locks.
  • Staircase locks and flights.

What is an irrigation ditch gate?

DITCHGATES – WATER CONTROL FOR FARM AND RESIDENTIAL FLOOD IRRIGATION – DITCHGATES makes slide type turnout gates, check gates, and distribution boxes for water control in irrigation ditches and ponds. DITCHGATES are sluice (slide) type gates for irrigation ditches.

Where can I find turn out gates for irrigation?

Gates for irrigation ditches, ponds, and water control. – The Cement Irrigation Gate Company (575) 404-3289 Turnout gates are usually located in the side of a ditch but can also be used as checkgates on small ditches. Our engineered corners allow you to combine gates and panels to create distribution boxes or other custom installations.

Are head gates a cost-effective irrigation option for your farm?

Water is a valuable resource for your farm, so consider head gates as a cost-effective way to let nature help you sustain your animals and crops. Contact us to learn more about how it works and compares with our other irrigation products.

What are head gates used for?

Head gates are used to control and divert water flow in canals or ditches. Farmore of Idaho Standley & Company customizes and installs all sizes and types to fit your property’s specifications. Water is a valuable resource for your farm, so consider head gates as a cost-effective way to let nature help you sustain your animals and crops.