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What guns did the Japanese use in WWII?

What guns did the Japanese use in WWII?

Automatic pistols and submachine guns

Name Type From (year)
Type 100 SMG Submachine gun 1942
Model 1 submachine gun Submachine gun 1935
Model 2 submachine gun Submachine gun 1935
Mauser C96 (Type MO Large pistol) Machine pistol 1896

What artillery did Japan use in ww2?

The Japanese were fond of mortars, though most of these were smaller infantry mortars. Most infantry divisions had an artillery regiment equipped with 36 75mm howitzers or mountain guns. In a few of the better-equipped divisions, a third of these guns were replaced with 105mm howitzers.

What is an anti-aircraft turret?

The Anti-Air Turret, also known simply as AA Turret, is a defensive building that, as the name says, can only be used against Air Units, such as Heavy Planes or Space Fighters.

What caliber rifle did Japan use in ww2?

Arisaka Type 99 7.7mm rifle
What was the standard Japanese rifle of World War II and how did it compare to its Allied counterparts? The principal long arm of Japanese infantry was the Arisaka Type 99 7.7mm rifle. This, like the American Springfield M1903, was based on the action of the German Mauser K98k rifle.

What weapons did the Japanese use in Pearl Harbor?

Table 1: Japanese Bombs and Torpedoes at Pearl Harbor

Weapon Weight Second Wave
Type 91 Model 2 torpedo 838 kg 205 kg warhead
Type 99 Model 5 ordinary (anti-ship) bomb 800 kg
Type 98 land bomb 250 kg B5N2 Kates
Type 97 land bomb 60 kg B5N2 Kates

How did the Japanese pull off Pearl Harbor?

At about 8 a.m., Japanese planes filled the sky over Pearl Harbor. Bombs and bullets rained onto the vessels moored below. At 8:10, a 1,800-pound bomb smashed through the deck of the battleship USS Arizona and landed in her forward ammunition magazine. The ship exploded and sank with more than 1,000 men trapped inside.

What kind of tanks were used in WW2?

T-90 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun Soviet Union: 1942-43 (prototype) 20 Flakpanzer 38(t) Nazi Germany: World War II 20 1 Type 98 Half-Track Japan: World War II 20 20 mm AA Machine Cannon Carrier Truck Japan: World War II 20 1 20 mm Anti-Aircraft Tank Ta-Se Japan: World War II 20 2 Type 98 20 mm AAG Tank Japan: World War II 20 2

What happened to the Japanese destroyers in WW1?

The surviving ships were surrendered to the Allies. The oldest Japanese destroyers at the declaration of war with the United States dated from World War I designs and were rated as “class 1” (greater than 1,000 tons (standard)) or “class 2” (under 1,000 tons (standard)).

How good was the anti-aircraft weaponry of the Japanese Fubuki?

Anti-aircraft weaponry was otherwise inadequate and it was progressively strengthened during refits, with a final count of 22 25 mm (1 in) guns in some vessels. The Type 93 torpedo had proved itself and was installed in this and all subsequent classes. Although an impressive and powerful specification, the Fubuki s suffered from design flaws.

What did TF 58 do in WW2?

TF 58 again raided Japanese airfields on Kyushu on 18–19 March 1945, in preparation for Operation Iceberg, destroying an estimated 528 enemy aircraft in the air and on the ground. It was joined by TF 57, a British carrier force, which attacked Japanese airbases in Formosa in late March and early April, and later joined TF 58 off Okinawa.