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What guns did the Afrika Korps use?

What guns did the Afrika Korps use?


  • Tiger I (Heavy Tank)
  • Panzer IV (Light Tank)
  • Wespe (Artillery)

What Colour were Afrika Korps tanks?

The appearance was very much a light sand color, but also very “ratty” and weathered. They also used a light yellowish scheme, which covered either the whole vehicle, or was painted in stripes, patches, or hashwork. Finally, the 3rd shade they used was a more brownish tan.

What Colour was the Panzer 4?

Base Colour: Dunkelgelb (Middlestone 882). Camouflage: Olivgr├╝n (Reflective Green 890) and Rotbraun (German Camo Medium Brown 826)….Panzer IV H Colour Schemes.

Colour Vallejo Equivalent
Dark Green German Camo Dark Green (979)

What was the Afrika Korps in WW2?

AFRIKA KORPS. The Afrika Korps was an expeditionary combat force of the German army that fought in North Africa from February 1941 until May 1943.

How many divisions were in the Afrika Korps?

In late April and into May, the 5th Light Division was joined by elements of 15th Panzer Division, transferred from Italy. At this time, the Afrika Korps consisted of the two divisions, and was subordinated to the Italian chain of command in Africa.

How far east did the Afrika Korps push?

Within three weeks, the Afrika Korps had pushed about 500 miles east to the Egyptian border. Rommel was promoted to the rank of field marshal for his daring and success. For a long time, Hitler regarded Africa merely as a secondary site of the war.

Why did Hitler create the Afrika-Korps?

Adolf Hitler ordered the creation of this force after the Italian defeats of Tobruk and Benghazi, at the request of the Italians. Originally known as Befehlshaber der deutschen Truppen in Libyen (Commander of German Troops in Libya), from 21 February 1941 the unit was renamed Deutsche Afrika-Korps.