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What does the P3 stand for in STI P3?

What does the P3 stand for in STI P3?

sti-P3 Means Three Levels of Protection for Your Tank The anodes are made from metals that are more electrically active and, therefore, will corrode preferentially to steel. For an sti-p3 tank, the anodes are zinc or magnesium.

What are the three ways STI P3 tank are protected from corrosion?

The sti-P3® system combines three basic methods of underground corrosion control, all installed on the tanks during manufacture: (1) Cathodic Protection, (2) Protective Coating, (3) Electrical Isolation of the tank from other underground metallic structures.

What are the dimensions of a 12000 gallon fuel tank?

Tank Charts

Horizontal Tanks
Gallons # Dimensions PDF
10000 Gallon 10′ Dia x 17′ Horizontal Download
12000 Gallon 8′ Dia x 32′ Horizontal Download
12000 Gallon 9′ Dia x 25′ Horizontal Download

How big are underground gas tanks?

250 gallons to 1500 gallons
Underground propane tanks generally range in size from 250 gallons to 1500 gallons.

What is a STI P3 tank?

Cathodically protected steel tank sti-P3® double‐wall underground storage tank features a pre‐engineered corrosion protection system that provides ongoing monitoring of corrosion protection. The sti‐P3® system has provided reliable, long‐term performance for over a quarter million steel underground storage tanks.

Does stainless steel need cathodic protection?

Stainless Steels have higher strength and ductility when compared to steel and cast iron pipes. The higher strength results in pipe wall thickness reductions. Coating or cathodic protection is not required for Stainless Steel in most locations.

Do fiberglass tanks need to have protection from corrosion?

All USTs installed after December 22, 1988 must meet one of the following performance standards for corrosion protection: Tank and piping completely made of noncorrodible material, such as fiberglass-reinforced plastic. Tank and piping made of steel having a corrosion-resistant coating and having cathodic protection.

How long does gas last in an underground tank?

A tank functions just like any other equipment that has a life span of its own and eventually needs repairing or replacement. Generally, an underground fuel tank lasts more than twenty years, but this depends on the construction process, material, installation system, maintenance and soil condition.

How deep are gas tanks at gas stations buried?

Tank capacities of 10,000 gallons and 12,000 gallons had become more commonplace for many service stations under construction. Many steel tank fabricators responded by marking their tanks with a 5 foot maximum burial depth. The belief at that time was that a 5 foot burial would cover nearly all installations.

How long will stainless steel last underground?

The sensitized specimens had their passivation layer removed prior to exposure to enhance the potential corrosion effects. In general, the corrosion was superficial for the annealed austenitic stainless steels buried over 30 years at the site. Some minor pitting and tunneling was notable.

What metal lasts the longest underground?

1. Properly specified stainless steel can provide the longest service underground. It is strong compared to plastics and copper, and is more reliably corrosion resistant than carbon steel.

What type of cathodic protection does a STI P3 tank provide?

What is the minimum voltage steel needs to be protected from corrosion?

300 mV
Requirements for Cathodic Protection A negative (cathodic) voltage shift of at least 300 mV caused by the application of cathodic protection current.

How much does a 20000 gallon tank cost?

20000 Gallon Plastic Water & Liquid Storage Tanks

Name Capacity Price
20000 Gallon Plastic Water Storage Tank 20000 Gallons $40,840.00
20000 Gallon Vertical Plastic Storage Tank 20000 Gallons $37,724.00
20000 Gallon Vertical Plastic Storage Tank 20000 Gallons $40,840.00
20000 Gallon Fertilizer Storage Tank 20000 Gallons $34,805.00

How much does a 10000 gallon steel tank weigh?

Horizontal Single Wall Tanks

SMP Number Tank Capacity Empty Weight
70-08000HS 8,000 Gallons 8,350 lbs.
70-10000HS-96 10,000 Gallons 10,000 lbs.
70-10000HS-120 10,000 Gallons 10,450 lbs.
70-12000HS-96 12,000 Gallons 11,650 lbs.

Why choose the STI‐P3® system?

The sti‐P3® system has provided reliable, long‐term performance for over a quarter million steel underground storage tanks. The only UST design which allows on‐going monitoring of corrosion protection, providing peace of mind Steel provides complete compatibility with all blends of ethanol and biodiesel fuels

What is an sti-p3 tank?

General Industries’ STI-P3 tanks are UL-58 and UL-1746 labeled tank’s and designed for underground storage of flammable and combustible liquids with three way protection: dielectric coating, electrical isolation, and sacrificial anodes.

Are sti-p3 tanks nfpa-30 and international fire code compliant?

STI-P3 tanks comply with NFPA-30 and International Fire Code requirements. Concrete deadmen and straps are available.